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Gluten-Free In Ann Arbor

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I am a Flint native, but I go out to Ann Arbor's Planet Rock on a regular basis. Usually I'm with people and I pack something, but this time it was just me and the gent, so we decided to Google some restaurants before heading out. There's a vegan restaurant in town with a good-size gluten-free menu called Jazzy Veggie...and they were surprisingly spectacular. The guy behind the counter was actually the owner, and knew exactly what to do. The food was great (this is coming from an avid meat-eater) and I didn't have any issues the next day. Because we came near the end of the night, the owner stopped and talked with us for awhile about his gluten-free menu and his problems finding good gluten-free pizza crusts. :) They got a fiver in their tip jar. ^_^ If you're ever in Ann Arbor you should check them out -- I'd love it if that place stuck around.

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