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Candida & Gluten Issue

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I just read a lil on candida also, and tried the spit test and mine had loads and loads of strings sinkin to the bottem right away it was kinda scary actually.. When i emailed Ryan Shea from "how to cure candida" i told him my issues, and he explained that the spit test doesn't confirm you have a candida infection, that it only confirms that you have chronic inflammation.. Does any one know if you've had candida for years if it would have become a issue anywhere in throat or private area, or can in be contained just in your gut and could be hidden for along time?

Also i ended up in the ER again yesterday for high heart rate and had diarrhea (loose greenish) seems like i couldnt hydrate, they gave me two IV's for hydration, and everything went to normal and i felt good..

I ate 1 steak (plain, pan fried with olive oil) and 3 boiled brussel sprouts for dinner and took 1 acti-zyme pill after

Can anyone help me with the possible problems, maybe excessive fat from steak? I havent had steak for awhile, or maybe the probiotics from the acti-zyme fighting candida?? i dunno also could be built up nutrient deficientcy?? geez im kinda confused, but they ordered me a follow up for GI (stool check)

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Fat in red meat is difficult to digest. The GI Tract is so inflamed and fried steak is tough to process. Oh, hon...brussel sprouts are REALLY fibrous and cause major gas!!! You may want to choose easier to digest veggies: plain potato, sweet potato, maybe?

Digestive enzymes should be taken BEFORE your meals. Probiotics shouldn't cause you stomach distress unless you take too many at once. They may cause bloating.

You have to drink half your body weight in plain water every day if you take those kinds of supplements. You have to hydrate.

Spit tests are useless and do not diagnose yeast infections.

Small bowel bacterial overgrowth can be tested...have you got a good GI doc?? They can do stool testing and/or a small bowel follow through--it's a CT scan.

Try to eat a more bland diet if you are experiencing so much pain and discomfort. Chicken and rice. Just my two cents. I had the same problem. Everything gave me grief. Burning from my mouth to my other end. Sick and in the ER and unable to process food...came out undigested or as the big D...I lost 90 lbs rapidly...my hair fell out. etc...

....but I am able to digest more types of foods in the last few weeks and no more D or dehydration. :) I drink a ton of water. No coffee or sodas. It's boring but better than a continually ripped up gut and major suffering...Hang in there!

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K, thanks for fast reply very helpful :)

Candida can be hidden and result due to damage caused by gluten, as its an opportunistic fungus. However not sure how much diagnostics you have been through, aside from the spit test, for candida or other related gut issues. I suggest you need to get at least a couple of medical opinions. Some non invasive tests done, perhaps an alternative view, a good iridologist maybe. You could also try and treat the candida (if you are sure it exists) with some natural antifungals like coconut oil or pau d'arco, and cut all sugars (including fruit) from your diet. Candida treatment causes a specific die back reaction - herxhiemer - quite quickly which helps the diagnosis, and if you use natural products you have less risk of any side effects.

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