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Any Recent Users Of Gluten Defense Or Glutenease?

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My health food store carries a product called Gluten Defense - an enzyme that enables your body to break down traces of gluten accidentally ingested. Usually I do not buy into this type of thing but as I am soon going to Italy and Croatia I wonder whether it is legitimate to take only when a meal is suspect (i.e. lost in translation in Croatia especially, even with restaurant cards). Is this a ploy or marketing gimmick?

It is clearly not intended to be used so you can eat gluten. There is no chance I would even remotely consider that, either. I have been accidentally glutened by hidden gluten in a gluten-free product and did not know it as I had absolutely no reaction. Would it even help in that situation? Is it more to treat symptoms or the internal damage caused?

Has anyone here actually tried this stuff? Comments? Just curious. Inquiring minds want to know! :P

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I bought it.. and I haven't had a reason to try it.. and I am too scared to experiment. :unsure: If I do... I'll yell. :o

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