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Probiotics Causing Yeast Die Off? Feel Awful!

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I was shy about asking this, but I am desperate.

Anyone have ugly yeast die off from probiotics?

My GYN doctor has me using some that are ahem...insertable....and I also take them orally every day. I do not see any yeast, but a microscopic eval of tissue shows there is some and there's major inflammation---tissues are greatly affected by the celiac/gluten. She said all leaky guts have yeast, whether you see it or not. I know, I said...I asked the doctor about this but it did not show on digestive stool samples, so HE said there wasn't any....so, what gives??

Another friend of mine said she felt like dying when she went through this...um, yeah, that might be kinder :unsure:

It's ugly and I feel pretty rotten and besides drinking a lot of water and soaking in a tub (which tailbone pain prevents me from doing) or sitting in a sauna, getting a massage....

Are there any other suggestions?? I would be very grateful.

Thanks! as you can imagine, I' m not very hungry and all my symptoms--the bowel ones and even the anxiety/depression that was subsiding--are turned up to a million right now...I have read this can happen. The Herxheimer effect--and that you just have to tough it out until it passes.

Man, I feel like hell.... :huh:

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