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Where To Source gluten-free Flours That Are Not Contaminated With Oats?

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I need another two weeks to confirm this, but I am strongly suspecting that Bob's Red Mill products are completely out for us because we are unable to tolerate gluten-free oats. I have learned on this forum that all of their gluten-free flours might be contaminated with oats, and since I began baking with them a lot, our symptoms have returned.

So . . . I am looking for good sources for the following grains that are not processed on machinery that processes wheat, barley, rye, and OATS.

Teff flour

Buckwheat flour

Sorghum flour

Millet flour

Sweet rice flour

Brown rice flour

Tapioca starch

Potato flour and starch



Masa harina doesn't bother me so long as I buy Maseca brand.

I would appreciate any ideas. Thank you!

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NutsOnline.com has certified gluten free flours.

I think they have all the ones you mentioned but I didn't specifically check.

I have never gotten sick on their gluten free products.

I like all their stuff that I have tried. My son and I are very sensitive and we haven't had any reactions to anything we got there.

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I use Tom Sawyer for nonsweet baking and Pamela's mix for baked goods. I am a very sensitive celiac and have never had an issue with either. I tried early in the diet getting all these different individual flours to make my own mixes but it turned out to be very pricey. Those two have been the most cost effective and safest that I have found.

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