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I think you are asking the wrong people then if that's what you want to know. Prior to my gluten-free days, no I would not have paid that much for muffins unless it was for a cause that was very close ot my heart. I don't see a lot of non-gluten-free/non-vegan people buying gluten-free vegan muffins. People may buy them because it supports a good cause but to tell the truth the words gluten-free may also turn more people off from buying them. Not saying gluten-free baked goods are all bad (I make lots of yummy things my non-gluten-free friends and family like) but there are enough bad gluten-free items out there that if non-gluten-free people have any experience with them they may think its bad tasting. Or they may confuse gluten with glucose if they are really ignorant and think they are buying low-sugar muffins. All this of course can depend on where you live and how educated people are about celiac, gluten intolerance, etc. I think you could have more people buying them because they are vegan than because they are gluten-free, but I may be wrong.

Yes! When I tell people that something is gluten free I almost always get the same reaction. They'll make a face like it tastes really bad and even throw their hands up in front of their face. Even if it is a food that is naturally gluten free! And mostly they won't even taste it.

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