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Hi Im New

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I know seeing blood is scary(been there), :o but it can be caused by a number of things. No need to panic. Maybe it will bump you up on the waiting list for your tests?

Be sure to stay hydrated, and if you don't feel like eating, don't. Maybe something like applesauce would sit in your system ok though?

Im not sure tbh. I was wondering if i did have colitis has my nan had that so thats in family.

And yeah im going to try and say about getting in quicker has it really knocked me back earlier.Thanks again though.

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Hi again, just to say ive had an colonscopy and it shows inflamtion and it is colitis. I am been treat on steroids initially then going on other meds. Doc says ive highly likely to recover, so it doesnt look like i am celiac now.

Thanks for your help people

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