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Wheatabix Effects - How Long After?

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My 3 year old son has been on a gluten free (well, more or less with the odd very small slip up) diet for a few weeks. This is because he's in the process of being diagnosed as having ADHD and mild autism and has had gastrointestinal problems on and off for a while now and extreme anxiety recently. He had a blood test done after the first week but we haven't had the results yet. I thought I noticed a difference in the first couple of weeks with less of the constant noxious gas he's had in the last few months and he seemed less anxious. However I slept in the Saturday before last and my husband gave him breakfast - wheatabix! (aarrgghh - the clue is in the name!). He's now back to very smelly and had almost a week of hard pebble-like poos and now farm-yard smelling gas and mushy poos. It's been 10 days since the wheatabix - would it really have an effect that long after or should I now assume that gluten is not the problem?

Also, the paediatrician has told me that the blood test won't show anything if it's a case of being gluten intolerant rather than celiac. We think if anything, he's intolerant as apparently he'd be "failing to flourish" physically and very, very sick if he had celiac disease. Is this everyone's experience?

It's obvious to me that something is not right with his digestion and I'm getting frustrated at trying to find out what it is. I wish there was more I could do to find out as this may play a major part in his development and anxiety.

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Pedi is correct, this may not show up on a blood test, but your son could still be gluten intolerant.

Long reactions in the beginning, not uncommon until the gut heals.

Look out for cross contamination from toasters, cutting boards, colanders, rubber/plastic tupperware, etc. What about shampoos, lotions, pet foods if you have inside pets that drool/lick.

He may also need to go dairy and soy free. Dairy reaction is very common with autistic kids.

Get a big magic marker and mark anything in the pantry NOT GLUTEN FREE with it. Get him some milk substitute like rice, nut or coconut milk, or Vance's Dairy Free.

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