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Should I Be Concerned...

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Hello everyone. I'm a newly diagnosed Celiac in March 2011. Followed the diet and have felt great until 10 days ago when I started feeling sick again (exactly as I felt prior to going gluten free in April). I can assume I accidentally ingested some gluten to cause the symptoms. Needless to say I've been extra careful to eat gluten free since.

My questions are - should I be concerned that it's been 10 days and I'm still not feeling completely better? Is it unusual for those accidentally glutened to take several weeks to feel completely better?? Is it possible that I have just stopped responding to the diet or do I need to be patient?

Any input is appreciated. Thank you.

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I've never had a reaction last that long, but I have read of people who have had reactions last for weeks. You might want to consider secondary food intolerances or allergies. Sometimes after you heal then your body starts to react to other foods. Common ones are dairy, soy, corn, less common but still significant for those effected by them are nightshades,fructose malabsorption, salicylates, or histamine foods. I may have missed some but these are things to consider once you absolutely certain you have eliminated any trace gluten. Have you checked shampoo's and soaps? Are you kissing someone who eats gluten? Do you have pets who eat pet food that contains gluten? Medications and vitamins also need to be checked. I was healing really well until the secondary intolerances hit. And I learned not to kiss someone who had eaten gluten, by spending 4 days ill with headache and nausea. It's a puzzle for sure.

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I agree with EatMeat4Good,sometimes it does take that long. I have found that it has for me, especially at first, and then later after I got a series of cross contamination glutenings.

The worst for me was after being off all trace gluten for a year, I was exposed to a kitchen full of wheat dust from several pies made by my brother for Thanksgiving. He had given up making gluten-free pie dough since it was too different and more difficult than what he was used to --and had not bothered to tell me of the switch. I walked in without a thought. I was sick for 5 weeks after that!

A couple of years later I walked through a pizza place to use their bathroom and felt miserable a couple of hours later. The effect only lasted 3 days however.

I have found taking acidophilus, L-glutamine, and nattokinase helps heal the villi quicker, which is a factor in how quickly I recover. It might help you too. I also find that having lots of greens can help. Being salicylate sensitive like EatMeat4Life, I resort to making blended smoothies of iceburg lettuce, celery and parsley. It really is an energy pick me up and can help with detoxing.

Its also true that other allergens might become a bigger factor as you completely clear out all the gluten from your system. So that area of investigation could bear fruit for you too, so to speak!

Good luck--hope you feel better soon.

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