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For You Corn Avoiders

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I've discovered I'm better off grain-free. I'm still not healthy/independently functional yet (need help with cooking, chores), but I took a big step up when I cut out grains. I've known for a while that I can't tolerate corn or many of it's related products like Xanthan Gum.

I'm wondering how careful I need to be with corn alcohol (specifically that which is in vanilla extract). I have a nice sized bottle I'm not thrilled about throwing away (or giving away...I suppose that's a better option). I bought some lovely grape vodka to make my own, but meanwhile, I'm not sure if I should be using this stuff. The problem is with corn and other grains I don't have an outright "reaction", I'm just tired all of the time or brain foggy or mildly bloated which comes and goes anyway. =/

Do any of you find you have to avoid corn alcohol?

I'm not really looking for a lecture on the distillation process, by the way. I know how that works. I just don't know what PART of corn bothers me, and seeing as I'm sensitive to something like xanthan gum, which is simply grown on corn (but it might not even be because of the corn) or corn maltodextrin, I'm looking for experiences and/or anecdotal evidence. B)

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Honestly, I didn't even try it. I just got some vodka and made my own. I have noticed that I don't get quite so violently ill with corn now that I've taken some probiotics and healed my gut a little. I still think I have depression issues and some fatigue when I eat it, so I know how hard it is to nail that down sometimes.

I'm very sensitive to xanthan gum as well, so if I were you I'd just bite the bullet, give what you have away and start over! :)

Good luck!

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