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Considering Doing Gluten Challenge For Biopsy

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I met with the Ped. GI doctor today. He of course wouldn't say yes your son has celiac. Still the gold standard is the biopsy. I asked about genetic testing and yes they do it but he said with my family history he's certain it would come back with our family having the gene so he wasn't so apt to do it. After talking to him though I am leaning on the side of getting the endoscopy done. Having my son go back on gluten and just go in and see. That way he'll know if it's celiac or not...if he has to be extremely strict with his diet or not. I know sometimes even the endoscopy is negative when indeed the person is celiac but the chances are higher at least I think with the endoscopy showing something. I know everyone here has said go on the diet for at least 3 months. The dr told us 4-6 weeks only. I'm more inclined to order the procedure for the end of December...get it in as my deductible is met...LOL and start the gluten right now. I'm also having my other son who was having stomach pain last year but it went away...and recently on a gluten free diet with the family has noticed how much his stomach hurts when he does ingest gluten now. Then...to convince my 18 yr old she should get tested too...because if she doesn't know for sure...she'll continue to cheat and cheat some more and won't take it seriously..even though she's been sick and having stomach pain since college started. Now...to convince the hubby I think this is best...that the boys go back on gluten until the test.

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