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3 Yr Follow-Up Biopsy: Positive Dgp Iga Negative Biospy

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Here is my background:

Diagnosed 3 years ago with positive TTG and EMA and Marsch 3c biopsy.

At 1 and 2 years, celiac tests were normal.

Just had 3 year test and TTG IGA and IGG, EMA and DGP IGG were negative but DGP IGA was positive (61). Decided to get biopsy since I have minimal symptoms and don't really know for sure when I am glutened. My GI took 9 samples. Here are results:


Histologically normal duodenal mucosa.

No histologic evidence of celiac sprue (there are up to 8 intraephithelial lymphocytes per 100 epithelial cells).

CommentL Tryptase immunostain negative for increased mast cells (average of 6mast cells over 10 high power fields).

So my understanding is that I'm completely healed but don't know what the report really means. Anyone know?

My doctor now thinks that my DGP was high because I probably had gluten contamination; however, before the endoscopy both he and the test manufacturer thought I was getting continued gluten exposure. I tested everything and couldn't find anything so I'm very relieved. Hope this helps people with DGP questions.


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I did a search for 'dgp iga' Here's one result:

Positive Deamidated Gliadin Peptide Antibodies and Negative Tissue ...

Mar 31, 2010

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Since you are still having mild problems you may have some gluten sneaking in somewhere. It could be toiletries, pet food, processed foods that are CC'd in the plant, a significant other who eats gluten and doesn't brush teeth before kissing etc. Also be sure you are checking all meds both script and OTC. If you take any generic meds those should be checked at each refill as the binders can be changed at will. Supplements can have a gluten free label and still have barley or wheat grass so make sure you read the whole label on those. When calling on scripts I always say I have a wheat allergy as wheat starch is considered gluten free.

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