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Guest BellyTimber

Appendicitis And Gluten/wheat Sensitivity

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As a surgical Nurse of 14 years i believe gluten has a part to play in anything that ends with itis..Diverticulitis,Appendicitis,Cholecystitis,Pancreatitis,Thyroiditis.

Just last week a 40 year female admitted for OT,for removal of appendix,as i was preparing her for theatre, i asked her did she have a bread binge in the the last 24 hrs? Her eyes widened and said, i ate a 6 pack of hot cross buns in one sitting last night.I asked her does she bloat when eating bread? and she said she did.I said to her i believe you may have a gluten sensitivity.This is anecdotal evidence on my part, but over the years and in my case 5 years ago i developed diverticulitis,hospitalized 3 days with triple IV AB's I had a colonoscopy to confirm diverticulitis with large mouth and small mouth diverticulum.   I cleaned up my diet lost 20KG in 1 year, I stopped everything with Gluten in it. Went back to eating good fat,butter,cream,eggs, stopped sugar,stopped drinking soft drinks of any kind,stopped all junk foods and started taking supplements.In 5 years i have not had another attack,had no bowel pain when eating.My weight was 97kg and now i am stable at 75kg.With an inflamed  bowel you will not be able to absorb nutrients.Your gut health is the key to the start of your health.It does not matter if you are eating the perfect diet, if  gluten is in it, your gut is dysfunctional, you will not be able to absorb Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids and good omega fats,3,6,9's, you cannot go long like that without disease starting in your body. I believe weight gain can be cause by Gluten sensitivity in some people.Constipation or diarrhea even skin rashes could be the cause of Gluten.Breast feeding mom's, pleases if baby is unsettled stop gluten in your diet and see if your precious baby settles.

I remember a Dr many years ago said this to me.. 'Steve, you want to live long and die fast, you don't want to live long and die slowly". He also said "most diseases are caused by inflammation"

Our body has the extraordinary capability to heal itself if given the right environment.Listen to your body, what is it saying to you?

Its a sad fact most Dr's today are in the business of disease management,through medications.Thank God for emergency medicine and antibiotics which can save lives,but we as individuals have to play our part in our health,if we do not take an interest in our health, you are relinquishing your health to people who have no vested interest to get you healed.

A man can pull a motor cars engine to bits and names all the pieces, then put it all back together,but ask that same man where is his pituitary gland? You have the capability, and the brains to know how your body works, what it needs to function optimally.Most Dr's today have no clue about Vitamins,minerals,amino acids and fatty acids and the roll they play in health.

There are groups of people around this world that consistently get to live over 100 years, these people groups are poor,have no Dr's, no medications, but still function without the diseases which first world countries are suffering from.Some countries are spending trillions of dollars on health a year and their health is worsening.

 The Dr's of the future will cure disease, most Dr's today manage diseases.


God bless Steve.






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On 8/22/2005 at 12:32 PM, Guest BellyTimber said:

Appendicitis and gluten sensitivity - has any tie-in been studied?


That would include people known at the time to have celiac disease or similar, as well as people in whom it was only discovered later.



I have been gluten free for 9/10 years due to gluten intolerance. I had my appendix removed 18 months ago due to appendicitis. Strangely I have not been glutened since then. I've started testing this out and had a bite or two of a normal biscuit and had no side effects. After 8 1/2 years of being bathroom bound for hours after a few crumbs this is the strangest thing! I wonder if anyone else has had this. I don't plan on going crazy and eating loads but I am curious.

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