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Glutened Help Please!

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i have been gluten free about 5 years. i just ate a gluten (normal) hotdog bun, thinking by mistake it was gluten free.

i have not eaten gluten by accident since i first started the diet. the only time i have gotten sick is by cross contamination.

i tried to throw it up it didnt work. i already feel off, worried about getting real sick :unsure:

does anyone know how to get it out of your system faster? or anything that will make it so i dont get very sick?

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So sorry you are going to be sick. Or maybe not. Some people do not react after that long gluten free. Maybe you will get away with it. But if you don't and you get sick, there isn't much you can do. Some things I've read on here are ginger tea, charcoal tablets, drink lots of water, but I can't do the drinking lots of water thing because I swell up and retain water when glutened. I'm afraid there is nothing except comfort measures. Immodium AD if it helps you. I get extreme depression and anxiety from a glutening so I take a xanax and try to sleep until it is over. It's maddening to go a long time and then make a mistake. So sorry it happened to you. Hang in there.

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