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Alchohol Key In Certain Instances?

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I would like to interject a possible alleviator of symptoms and growth of the diseases mentioned in my topic and get feedback on most current practices.

Now my body chemistry may be different, but my experience is that when I drink 2-3 servings of pure alcohol like potato vodka, rice wine or certain champagne that these alcohols somehow mitigate symptoms of auto immune, celiac, Epstein Barr, and Crohn's.. all possible issues I've been diagnosed with. Doctors so far indicate a mystery in regard to focusing in on a real diagnosis of me, but, the following cocktail seems to bring me back to a place where I feel some sort of normalcy.

-B 12- ingested daily

-Vitamin C-injested daily

-Algae/Salt baths- done weekly

-aloe juice- ingested daily

-alcohol-ingested daily - rice wine, potato vodka, or a certain type of champagne

Unfortunately, doctors do not know what is wrong with me, but with the above strict regimen, along with a strict diet of fruits, vegetables, brown rice, potatoes, extremely lean meats/fish with the intake of fat digesting enzymes, hardly any dairy (with the exception of goat products), hardly any eggs, and dismissing certain spices from my diet, I have experienced almost an 80% increase in wellness. This has of course effected my weight to a lean body, but has also gotten rid of heartburn, head spins, nausea, body aches, diarrhea or extremely hard stool, and the awful bout with brain fog.

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Kevin Russell

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I have also found huge improvement in health thru a restricted diet.

As for alcohol ~ I gave up caffeine and alcohol for several years as I got sicker and sicker, which did me no favors. I currently drink one cup of coffee in the morning and red wine in the evening - after giving up so many foods, I am thankful to have wine back ~ at least for now :)

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