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Trying To Get My Sister To Be Tested

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I was diagnosed almost 6 months ago. I immediately told my sister to tell her doctor that I was confirmed Celiac and to request the bloodwork for herself. She's been less than enthusiastic about this. What is killing me is that she's been suffering from an "unspecified auto-immune disease" (her doctors' words) for 10+ years. I don't think she's EVER been tested for Celiac...?!?! Right now I'm far away and can't really get on her case about it effectively (I'm in Poland, she's in Los Angeles) but I can't stand it. So, although money isn't an issue for her, I am going to offer to pay for her testing to get her to understand how strongly I feel about this.

What I need is to be able to tell her what tests to tell her doctor to run. My bloodwork was done in Poland and the results are therefore in Polish...not sure how to translate them specifically so that the doctor in the US requests the proper tests.

Can anyone tell me what tests she should have done?

I can then send her that info plus a check. She goes to the doctor regularly because of her various health issues and I know she has bloodwork drawn at least once a quarter...I figure she might not make a special trip for this BUT she could bundle these tests in the next time she has blood drawn.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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