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I've only been gluten-free for 11 days and I know it takes some time to fully detox from gluten, but does anyone know of a way to assist with the detox? I'm being diligent about my diet, so that's not an issue. I am excited to feel really healthy once it's "flushed."

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I 'm in the same boat as you ...I have been off gluten for almost 2 weeks...Besides staying away from gluten..you can drink more water..especially with lemon (helps the liver) ...maybe try to stay away from as much dairy too as possible..theres a chnace that you could have a little bit of a milk allergy. More fruits and veggies to help clean the bowels, stay away from gluten free processed stuff too, I know its gluten free but it still doesn't mean its that great for you.... All that stuff would be a great start.

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Eat plainly and simply- whole foods.

Take your vitamins.

Drink lots of water.

Sleep as much as you need to.

Test vitamin levels if you haven't.

Watch for cross-contamination.

Minimize junk food and gluten free processed foods.

That's about it!

Time does the rest!

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