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Worse Before It Gets Better?

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Hi :) I'm new to the forum. I was diagnosed in the fall last year, and have really been having a hard time. I'm not having a hard time making the diet change...I cook and am not picky about what I eat so switching to the gluten-free diet has been easy. Can't say it's been easy on my body as much as my taste buds though!

Since January I've been very strict about my diet. I have had maaaybe 5 meals with something gluten in it. Recently, I decided I needed to eat more vegetables and protiens, and cut my diary intake to 1/3 of what it was. I'm sensitive to lactose and have definitely noticed a difference in using lactaid milk, lactose free sour cream, and using lactaid tablets when eating cheese.

In the past month though I became constipated,(sorry gonna get kinda gross here) used Miralax a few times, and now it's soft but I'm still having a hard time just going at all or feeling like I've gotten it all out. Plus! I get enormously bloated and even have a hard time farting or it's like a stink-bomb when I do. And I'll stay that way for hoooours!

Like I said, this has been going on for a month and I don't know what to do! Is this a result of the veggie increase or just the time it takes for your body to become adjused to the gluten-free diet? I heard it can get worse before it gets better.

Thanks for reading!! So desparate for answers :(

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You are still new to the gluten-free diet.. It can take some up to a year or even longer to completely heal, some even in five years they have trouble...Research on this was done. Some see healing almost immediately. It is what your body chooses to do.

As for theBig C. Many of us suffer from that... Miralax is not habit forming like many other products so it is okay to use it when needed. dairy can also cause the Big C...

now for eating gluten foods maybe five times since Jan2012 ************ way toooo much. You should be eating zero gluten.....everyday ...there is a difference in not knowing a food contained gluten & knowing & still partaking of that food...I'm not sure which you fall under! But that alone could cause the Big C

Do some research to learn about hidden gluten so as to not make yourself ill.....

Drink plenty of water. The rule is take your body weight & divide in half ie: 100# equals 50 ounces in water each day. not all at once like five sips every half hour or so. until your body gets used to processing that much water. Most never consume enough pure water..

Glad your taste buds are enjoying the gluten-free foods..Great choices are available... .



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