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My husband and I suspect that our daughter who is 5 has Celiac or at least gluten intolerance. She has some of the tell-tale signs including increasing behavioral issues, stomach aches, bowel movements of just mucus, diarrhea, constipation.

Are there specific labs I should request from our pediatrician? I know that these test aren't always conclusive. We plan to take her off all gluten regardless.



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Hi there,

My twin 5.5 year old girls have just been diagnosed with Celiac.

- Don't reduce the gluten in your daughter's diet until you've completed testing--you'll possibly get false negatives if she isn't ingesting gluten.

- Tests to do:


This has the best, simple overview.

Find a GREAT GI who knows Celiac. If you are near Los Angeles, Dr. Michelle Pietzak at Children's Hospital LA is amazing. She is also a researcher--which means she is interested in the tiniest things!

Thinking of you!

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