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My 4 yr old son was diagnosed with celiac 3 weeks ago. Our whole house has been gluten free for almost 3 weeks. Two weeks ago we received the call from the GI stating we needed to eliminate lactose and sucrose due to damage in sm intestine. I've since received clarity from GI to eliminate lactose and then we would assess if we needed to take out sugar later. My understanding is this is all until his gut heals.

My question is... I've completely eliminated gluten (since I know his is harmful for my 4 yr old). How picky do I need to be about lactose? Am I eliminating lactose because it is causing his stomach to hurt since his body cannot process OR am I damaging his gut more? I have switched to lactose free milk and yogurt, but I see some products have sm amount of milk product. I've had to tell him "no" so often that I'm trying to make the switch as easy as possible.

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