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I Think My Thyroid Is Freaking Out

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I'll try to give a short version. I have had hypothyroidism for a long time. Around the first of the year I cut my steroid (Dexomethosone) in half. It helped with inflammation and to keep my immune system from attacking me. Started gluten free in February. Stopped the rest of steroid in April. The good news is all gi issues are gone and information in muscles is considerably better.

In the same time period after stopping the the steroid, I've had some blackouts, unbalanced, muscle weakness fatigue, headache and hair is falling out. Then a nodule and smaller ones were found on thyroid. I read that if the nodule with the smaller one can be considered a goiter and that goiters can, at will, secret more hormone.

So I'm wondering if because I stopped the steroid, I developed this nodule/goiter that is now messing with my thyroid.

Or, since I stopped the steroid that it is not controlling it from becoming inflamed and now is just changing.

Anyway. When you have to stop and sit down in the shower half way thru to catch your breath and let your muscles relax, it makes bathing a pain in the button.

I have a doc appt scheduled and will get blood tests I presume so I guess I wondered if anyone has had a similar thing happen to them and what was the underlying cause.

Thanks for your thoughts. Be well

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