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The cutting boards will need to be replaced. Plastic ones are fine to use, but since they get scored when you use them you'll want to keep gluten and gluten free ones separate. I wouldn't be afraid to keep and use any undamaged plastic, especially if it is Tupperware. I won't use what anyone else in my house uses though because they microwave in the containers which damages them. People are going to go around touching gluten and everything else in the kitchen without thinking about it because they've never had to think about it. At least once a week I go through the whole kitchen and wipe down the handles on everything, fridge, cupboards, pantry door. I try not to stress about these things but I've personally reacted badly to some items with "manufactured in a facility blah blah wheat" warnings so I'm a bit anal retentive in the kitchen.

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Get a colander dedicated just for gluten-free pasta because you'll never get the old one clean enough. Always wash your hands before you handle your food or eat, because you know that somewhere, some time, you might have touched something gluteny, like the fridge handle. Cleaning surfaces before you eat or prepare food should help keep cross-contamination down. Buy a pile of cheap washcloths and use a fresh one for each wipedown, so you don't have gluten crumbs lurking (or use paper towels, but that's wasteful).

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