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Gi Consult In 2 Days And Need Some Advice.

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Hello everyone!

I have my GI consult in 2 days. (I have to admit I am getting pretty excited as I have been waiting nearly 5 weeks).

Do any of you have any advice/suggestions re questions I should specifically ask? I am not quite sure what to expect other than knowing I will NOT be getting my bx the same day.

Do the GI docs even really care to hear of the other symptoms or are they just focused on performing a scope/bx and then sending you on your way?

My labs taken 5 weeks ago:

Tissue Transg IGA--<1.2 Normal <4 neg

Retculin ABS--Negative

Endomysial IGA--Negative

Deamidated Giladin IGG--<10 Normal <20 neg

Deamidated Giladin IGA--*88.9 Normal >30 is positive

I do have several s/s with most prominent being: constant heartburn, joint/muscle pain, headaches, fatigue, edema, alt diarrhea and constipation, bloating/stomach pain, hormonal imbalances, and frequent rashes.

I would just like to make the most of my visit!!

Thanks you for your time and advice!!!

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