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Natural And Artificial Flavorings?

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My 12 year old son was diagnosed with celiac 2 weeks ago. I am overwhelmed with trying to find foods that he can and will eat. He is very picky and does not eat much fruit or vegetables. I was advised that things with natural and artificial flavors have hidden glutens. When shopping at the store a lot of items have natural or artificial flavors even those marked certified gluten free. How can it be certified gluten free if it has hidden glutens in it? When do I know that something is safe for him to eat? Thank you!

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If it says Gluten free it should be fine.

If it says Artificial flavoring (only) it should be fine.

If it says Natural flavorings it may not be fine it depends on the product and company. At first I was calling all companies and sometimes still do.

MY personal rule :

If the only questionable ingredient is Natural flavoring ( ie no wheat , rye , barley or oats ) and its a dairy or sugar candy product it's probably fine. If it's a grain/protein based product I consider the source and possibly call.

Stawberry Yogurt - ok

Sweetarts = ok

Cheese balls = ok

Flavored sausage = I would call if not declared

According to the FDA a natural flavoring is the (essence or essential oil) of a product. If that flavoring comes from Wheat, Rye, or Barley it should be declared.

I know this does not give you definite answers as a guide for all products but NOBODY can give you that. If you question an item ,post it and maybe someone can tell you.

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Flavoring and "natural flavor" are USUALLY carried on corn.

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