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Diarrhea For Months - Is It Celiac ?

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Hello all,

I started to have diarrhea bowel movements since July 2012. Before this I had normal bowel movements, and had often constipation issues (no urge to go for 1-2 days).

Since then, I haven't managed to get a normal bowel movement. About my situation now, I have one bowel movement, the same time every day in the morning (about 07:30 AM) which is apparted from loose and fatty stools. Furthermore, I have a strong urge to go, in addition to the older days, in which I had trouble going frequently. So basically, 2,5 months now I have one loose & fatty BM every day.

I also have some other symptoms of celiac disease, but I can't be sure for them and here's why. I have fatigue, but I think this comes from my job which is tiring.

I also have lost many pounds. I am not sure if this comes from green tea and my job which boost metabolism, but weight loss is a fact, even If I have a huge appetite to eat everything that's in front of me.

The last symptom I have is gases. Lots of gases and sometimes I feel really bloated.

Some months ago, I faced severe diarrhea, after eating 3-4 slices of rye bread. That day, I had 2 loose BMs.

What do you think of my situation ? Could this be a celiac disease ?

Thank you.

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It could be Celiac Disease. keep eating a 'normal' diet and get to a gatroenterologist for testing. you may be able to get the initial Celiac panel at your regular doctor's office. make sure you get a hard copy yourself. Then you will know if the full panel was done and where your results are on the 'range'.

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So, should I begin with a simple blood test ?

Eating more gluten will make the symptoms worse ? E.g to start eating foods with high gluten amount, so I can figure out if I have stronger symptoms ...

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