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Best Vegetable Cookbook Ever

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One of my friends sends me cookbooks every year for my birthday -- this year she sent me RIVER COTTAGE VEG EVERYDAY and I love love love it. Now that I can tolerate more types of veg I've been working to increase my intake and this has really helped. A lot of the recipes are naturally gluten free, some need minor modification. The section that includes sandwiches, pizzas, etc. is not one I use right now but if I reach a point where I can tolerate some of the gluten-free replacement foods I'll try a pizza or two! Best of all the recipes have gotten certain family members who aren't big veg fans to eat veg. My hubby even ate eggplant which is something he's never done willingly in all the years I've known him...of course, it was mixed in with roasted potatoes and drizzled with olive oil and lemon but I didn't exactly hide it from him.

I know the book is available from the UK site of the big A online retailer (my friend is British) but I didn't check Book Depository which would have free shipping to many countries.

Here's the intro:


I love this book so much I'm giving it as Christmas presents to my mother and mother-in-law. I've been tweaking some of the recipes since I'm in the States and not the UK but it hasn't been too challenging. Actually a lot of the recipes are very simple and relatively fast! I need to post my variation on a sweet potato peanut au gratin casserole -- it may not sound appetizing but it was delicious!

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Thanks. That cookbook sounds fabulous. I love veggies but get lazy about cooking enough of them

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