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Looking For A Few gluten-free Alternatives

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  • Julia Child's "The Way to Cook" gives a bang up gluten-free recipe for making a creamed vegetable soup. I'll post it if you're interested, it just uses rice, water or stock, onions and a steamed or braised vegetable that you want to make creamed soup of. You have to have a blender of stick blender, dirty 2 pans and devote about an hour. but only intermittently.
  • I love Chebe's bread or pizza crust mix for breadsticks, as recommended above. Usually they're only palatable when served hout. I've never tried them in a good thermos, but that might work. They're great for breakfast sandwiches, rolls for BLT's, or sliders, bread sticks. If you try Chebe's, don't add extra liquid until after you've kneaded the dough thoroughly. (You won't have to add extra liquid.)
  • Have you checked out some of the gluten-free bloggers?

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