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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gluten Enzymes - Experience/reviews?

    I'm not sure what brand my sister had...but, I accidentally got "glutened" when at a family function(by a well meaning relative who thought oatmeal was "safe"). My sister happened to have some of these along, and I tried one. It did help to minimize my symptoms. I would never use them and intentionally eat gluten, but it was nice to not have too much stomach/gi upset since we were away from home for the weekend. As a side note, my usual reaction is a migraine several days later. I did not get the migrain, either.
  2. Numb Tongue

    Thanks for the idea, but, no, I didn't use mouth wash. I think we have decided that it is a reaction to the vaccine. It has pretty much went away at this point, though I still have some transient numbness in my tongue and gums.
  3. I haven't had any problems with my good non-stick pans int he 9+ months that I have been gluten-free (I didn't replace them). {They are the ones that you are supposed to be able to use metal in (not that I ever would) so I know they are a more durable surface.} Given it's paula dean, I would assume it is high quality and should be fine. Never underestimate the power of a good lecture...your son will never do THAT again!
  4. Need Advice

    Jack, I hope your mom can learn to support you! I feel bad for you...my whole house went gluten-free because I am celiac, dx 9 mos ago, and they all eat just fine! Mom just need to learn to help you, and maybe, she would feel better, too! (If you are celiac most likely one of your parents are too!) You noted something about acne in one of your posts. Both of my ds get acne when they are exposed to gluten. That is my oldest son's primary symptom. I don't think it's a coincidence. You need to know you sound like an amazing young man. You are taking a lot of responsibility for your own health, despite your mom's position. I would be proud to have you for a son! You should be proud of yourself! I believe you will go far in this world. You are obviously commited to getting good grades and willing to work hard. I truly believe your difficulty concentrating will improve with your diet, as well. I get very "foggy" when I am exposed to gluten. It will take days for these feeling to go away. Keep up the great work! Maybe suggest some foods mom could buy for you. I found Thai Kitchen has gluten free instant noodle type dishes similar to ramen noodles. They are labeled gluten-free. Or maybe she can buy you some glutino pizza's and such. Just bake them on a pan with tin foil to protect you from any gluten that was previously on the pan. You could even get your own toaster oven big enough for a frozen pizza. This could be where you bake your things and NO ONE else uses it! Best wishes!
  5. Ideas For Lunches On The Go?

    Have you found the Corn Thins? These are great alternatives to rice cakes and are MUCH thinner. They work better when you don't want to feel like you are eating big hunks of styrofom! I like them as sandwiches or with egg salad/tuna salad on them.
  6. I also have psoriasis and psoratic arthritis. My arthritis is gone since going gluten-free, I am off all medications. But I still have occational bouts of the psoriasis on my scalp, it has never been terrible, but it hasn't really changed with the gluten-free diet. Everyone, however, responds differently. I have had corn allergies in the past. I seem to tolerate it okay at this point. It is possible that it would improve with eliminating corn, but I don't have much motivation to elimiate that, too!
  7. When Do You Speak Up?

    Are there any "safe" restaurants in your area? could you suggest that they order from one of these places so that there are options for you? I must admit I am spoiled. I have amazing co-workers who go out of there way to ensure that I have things when we have "pig outs". (Including bring ingrediant lists from products, just in case they missed something) At first I was very leary, but they have truly learned what is safe and how to keep it that way. They call me to find out if there are gluten-free products similar to what they were going to bring. When we order out, I am the one who gets to choose. They have now all learned what places nearby are safe. I hope your co-workers can come to the same place. But you might have to speak up so they understand.
  8. 1. Do all Frito-Lay Doritos contain Gluten? NO, many of the Doritos are okay. Avoid the nacho for sure, and a few of the spicier ones (I don't eat these, so I don't recall which) I know the ranch is okay for sure. 2. Do Kellogg's Rice Krispies and their treats have Gluten? All Kellogg's rice krispies have the barley malt, so, not good. There is a rice crispie that is gluten free....Enviro Kids???(I think) 3. Who makes the BEST Gluten-Free BREAD? BAGELS? Udi's gluten-free bread is great as is Rudi's. Rudi's is superior (IMHO) when you are toasting, as in grilled cheese. I like Udi's bagels best. I like Kinnikinnik's hammburger buns as well. Udi's says they will have some coming out soon, so we will have to see when that happens. Udi's has $1 off coupons on their web site as does Rudi's. Just google it. 4. Where can I order Gluten-free entree's (if anywhere) for less than $6.00 an entree. I have found Amazon has a good amount of gluten-free products. I get my pasta's through them as well as Kind bars. Both have free shipping. Glutino has some good frozen dinners. I have also found Thai Kitchen has some good "add hot water" noodle meals. I find these in the asian meal aisle (by the LaChoy meals) I even found some (Thai Kitchen as well)that are similar to Ramen, but I didn't try them as I sent them off to my college son. I can get these for about $1.55 each, the Ramen style were cheaper. Also, pizza. In our stores a gluten-free pizza, small one....$12? Is that even reasonable? Glutino has good individual size pizza's for about $5 each here. Udi's has frozen crusts which are pretty good as well. You could add your own toppings. Most Pizza sauces are fine, just double check the label.
  9. Bad Weekend At Work

    I hope you will find some relief with the gluten-free diet. My main symptom was an arthritis type of pain which was from joint inflammation. Once on the gluten-free diet, my inflammation has went away and I no longer have to take anti-inflammatories. I hope you will find the same relief!
  10. Numb Tongue

    My tongue has been numb since Saturday. Not total numbness-can't move it, it wouldn't hurt if I bit it kind of numbness; but more like if you spray cloroseptic on your tongue kind of numbness. Here is my train of thought: When I am exposed to gluten, I get atypical silent migrains. My left arm, and lips and nose go numb for about 15-20 minutes. Friday I was at the dr for a yearly physical. I was advised to have the DTaP because they are finding a reoccurance of pertussis (whooping cough) and arerecommending this for adult. So, I agreed. The injection site was sore for a couple days (not unusual with the tetanus part of the vaccine), and a welt is still there. Any reason to believe that a injected vaccine could contain gluten? The doctor doesn't think so. These are not typical migraine symptoms for me, and they never last this long. I am waiting for a call from my neurologist...but there are so many intelligent people out here...I thought I would get your thoughts.
  11. I just read a new on! Just posted! http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/easy_brazilian_cheese_bread/e
  12. I know several people have posted chili recipies that are gluten-free. try searching these. Same with the bbq sauces, those too have been discussed at length.
  13. So Difficult Stay Gluten Free

    gluten-free diets are not fun or easy, but it can be very tolerable. Some of it is the mind set. You are right, it took me a bit to get over the convenience of eating anything, anywhere I wanted. I still miss the pretzels at the mall, though I admit that I never bought them much before, as I don't need the calories,(but now that I "can't" vs "I shouldn't" it seems to feel differnt). I order things on Amazon, which others here have mentioned. I found a lot of their gluten-free foods are part of their free shipping. I love Kind bars, and I can get them cheaper here than anywhere else. I hear Walmart carries Heartland brand pasta that is gluten free. Breads seem to be the most difficult, but still are not undoable. *you can do it* (those are supposed to be my pompoms! )
  14. Question For Other Migraine Sufferers

    Thank you for sharing this. I have never heard of this, and I appreciate being educated on it.
  15. Gluten Free Wheat!

    I had a waitress insist they didn't use wheat as they only had pancakes! Amazing how uninformed "we" are about our foods!