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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Depression

    Dissappointing Day: i went to my fibro dr today and told her about the last 6 weeks. She looked right at me and said, "Well, I am sorry that things have been going so badly, but there is nothing else I can do for you. Just continue looking for the medical causes."!!!!!?????? No advice, no general direction, just continue with what you are doing. Thanks! I started crying in the office as i was so frustrated ( i rarely cry in front of others). The "good" news is that i have arthritis in my right foot too!
  2. Please Cancel My Optimism

    What kinda of reaction did you have to peas? Bloating, extreme gas? I had those problems a few summers ago with peas, but also with carrots and tomatoes. It turned out to be sugar and more specifically yeast overgrowth. The sugars, even natural sugars in fruit and veg, caused a painful explosion in my digestive tract. Even soy milk and rice milk have sugar. I had to take a digestive supplement and go on a sugar free diet for 2 months. That meant small bland meals and often so my blood sugar would not drop too low.
  3. Depression

    I have an appt with my fibro dr tomorrow. I have several questions for her. Maybe i can make some headway as well as an upcoming sleep study.
  4. Depression

    Hopefully, the sleep study will be this week. I think i am going batty. What probably compounds the problem is that we only have one car. My husband uses it for work and is working alot. So he gets done with a job, calls me to see if i need anything from the store, picks up a few groceries, and like tonight got home at 8:15. This is pretty normal so i am stuck in the house except for dr appts. I hear you about getting out for some sunshine. I do have an appt with my dr concerning my fibromyalgia. I hope to bring up some different things with her and talk about different treatments other than meds.
  5. Depression

    Feeling like crud today. I can not decide if its just pms or i am just having one of "those" days. I am still having problems sleeping. I went to sleep at 8 pm then woke at 11pm. I tried to go to sleep at 2am, but emotions got the better of me. Now who knows if i will sleep and who knows what this is really about. Maybe i am just exhausted and overwhealmed. Next week i have more dr appts and more tests. I am beginning to hate it. I know they are run some tests and the tests are going to come back negative. What really got me down tonight concerns my parent's flighty support in my life. I get blamed for the most insignificant things or dumped on with everyone's problems. Then when i need support and their faith in me, i get ripped to shreds. I am sorry for venting, but with it being 3am there is no one with which to comiserate.
  6. I also contacted Biolage about their hair products. Some contain soy. Some clearly state on the website that they contain wheat. I have asked about other specific products that i use via email. They are prompt in their responses and give concise answers. The ones i use do not contain gluten. Hope that gives you another hair care option.
  7. Thanksgiving Ideas...

    Julesglutenfree.com has a great thanksgiving cookbook. My first thanksgiving was intimidating, but this cookbook helped so much. I make all the fixins, but pick up the turkey from Boston Market. It saves so much time.
  8. Depression

    I just got back some more bloodwork. My creatinine which was originally mildly elevated came back normal this time. Yeah no kidney probs. I have had stones in the past, but nothing since 2005. However, my cholesterol is extremely high. Starting cholesterol meds asap. I also have a stress test wed. Then another sleep study later on. Crazy things have been happening lately. Hope to get something figured out soon.
  9. Olive Garden

    In general, do not waste your time on olive garden's Gluten-Free pasta and sauce. It is so nasty! My dad was in the navy for 24 yrs and i have had better pasta on the ship when we visited him. OG's pasta was mushy and the sauce tasted of ketchup. They do prepare it separetly in the microwave and i did did not get sick from the few bites i ate. The manager agreed with me that it was the worst thing on the menu. She was gracious enough to remove it from my bill, but why serve it in the first place. I contacted corporate, but they stood behind their product. I just do not want anyone to waste their time eating this. It is by far the worst Gluten-Free meal i have ever had.
  10. If your girlfriend has to change makeup, clinique is a good option. I call them and ask about each individual product that i use. They always tell me what allergens are present in each product. They do not claim to be Gluten-Free, but none of the things i use have turned out to contain gluten. Some do have soy, but that does not bother me. The hotline numbers are 1-800-419-4041 and 1-866-707-2100. The are very helpful.
  11. Chronic Fatique Syndrome

    My gp is waiting to change any of my meds until after my stress test and then another sleep study. But i will keep those meds in mind. Gottaski, you asked about exercise- i was able to walk 4 mi everday until feb. All of a sudden my fingers turned blue. That night i woke up in the worst pain of my lfe and my feet were swollen. Since then, i can only wear flip flops due to swelling and pain. Drs have tested me for lupus, sjogren's, RA, etc. Nothing ever fits completly nor i do test positive.
  12. Chronic Fatique Syndrome

    CeliacAndCfsCrusader, Thanks for the info. I currently take ambien and feel like i have been beat up. I have had fibro for about 13 yrs, but it intensified a few years after having walking pnuemonia. Recently, the symptoms stepped up again. In the past year, i had two severe sinus infections ehich require strong antbiotics and steroids to clear up. I am wondering if it is b/c a few drs are stepping me down off some meds. Maybe taking those meds for so long had masked some of the symptoms. Idk. I have a stress test set up for wed at 9:45am. I hope that the symptoms do show up so the drs see how i feel.
  13. Chronic Fatique Syndrome

    Oh, someone asked how long i have been Gluten-Free-3 1/2 yrs. I am very consistent about it. The only times i have been contaminiated are accidental. About different foods eggplant-the oil makes my stomach sick. I use to eat sweet potatos a lot, but now there is something about them i just do not like.
  14. Chronic Fatique Syndrome

    I do have fibromyalgia, but this is weakness rather than just pain. Other conditions include: pcos/infertility, sinus probs, migraines, high blood pressure, joint pain, dry eyes, photosensitivity, acid reflux, nights sweats and chills, swelling in my feet and pain without redness, endometriosis, low vit d, low iron, gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, and msg hates me. My SED rate and ANA mildly elevate occasionally. I also have cognitive problems like seaching for the right word, even very simple words, the inability to spell correctlly (hence the title of the topic-i knew it was spelled wrong, but did not know how to correct it) , and i am unable to do simple mental math computations anymore. I have forgotten most of my times tables even though i have tried several times to rememorize them. My latest headaches are just constant rather than say a migraine which is slamming or pulsating. These do not go away no matter what i take..
  15. Chronic Fatique Syndrome

    I just had my thyroid tests done last week. They ran a full and complete set of tests. Everything was "normal". I am bed bound. For instance, its takes me hours just to work up the strength to take a bath. I just did that. Now i feel worse than before. I can not get off the couch and it will take hours before i can do anything again. My arms and head feel like lead weights.