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Texas Roadhouse

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Here is a menu TR sent me.

Texas Road House Menu - Gluten Free

Just for Starters


Killer Ribs w/o BBQ sauce

Texas Red Chili with or w/o beans

Salads - Select dressing from our approved list

House Salad w/o croutons. Clean bowl

Caesar Salad w/o croutons. Clean bowl

Chicken Caesar Salad w/o croutons. Clean bowl

Grilled Chicken Salad w/o croutons. Clean bowl

Hearty Steaks - Request that your meal be prepared w/o grill shortening

Sirloin Steak

Ft. Worth Ribeye

T-bone Steak

New York Strip

Dallas Fillet

Sirloin Kabob w/o seasoned rice

Filet Medallions w/o seasoned rice

Road Kill

Prime Rib

Killer Ribs & Texas Combos - Request that your meal be prepared w/o grill shortening

Ribs w/o BBQ sauce

Sirloin Steak and Marinated Chicken w/o BBQ sauce

Ribs and Marinated Chicken – both w/o BBQ sauce

Sirloin Steak and Ribs w/o BBQ sauce

Ribeye Steak and Ribs w/o BBQ sauce

Country Dinners - Request that your meal be prepared w/o grill shortening

Smothered Chicken w/o cream gravy

Oven Roasted Chicken w/o seasoning mix

Southwest Chicken w/o Black Bean Sauce

Sirloin beef tips w/o seasoned rice or mashed potatoes

Grilled pork chops

Dockside Favorites - Request that your meal be prepared w/o grill shortening

Grilled Salmon

Grilled Catfish

Grilled Mountain Trout w/o batter

Regional Seafood Specialties - Request that your meal be prepared w/o grill shortening

Baked Cod w/o topping

Grilled Mahi Mahi

Blackened Swordfish

Grilled Swordfish

Sides - Request that your side dishes be prepared w/o grill shortening

House or Caesar salad w/o croutons. Clean bowl.

Fresh Vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots)

Sautéed Onions

Sautéed Mushrooms

Baked Potato

Baked Sweet Potato


Oil & vinegar

Italian Dressing

Caesar Dressing

Cajun Horseradish Sauce

Honey Mustard Sauce

Thousand Island Dressing

Tartar Sauce

Sour Cream

Smokehouse sandwiches - Request that your meal be prepared w/o grill shortening or bun. All burger toppings are acceptable.

All-American Cheddar Burger

Smokehouse Burger w/o BBQ sauce

Southwest Chicken Grill w/o black beans

Mushroom Jack Chicken Grill

Kids’ Meals-w/o sides. Prepare w/o grill shortening

Lil’ Dillo Sirloin Bites

Cheeseburger w/o bun

Hot dog w/o bun

Ranger Meals-w/o sides. Prepare w/o grill shortening

Andy’s Steak

Ranger Rib Basket w/o BBQ sauce


Fountain drinks

Iced tea (sweetened/unsweetened)

Hot tea

Bottled water


Decaf coffee


Ice cream with caramel sauce only


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Thanks! :)


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This post is from 2006.  Most restaurants change the menu in 8 years.


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This post is from 2006.  Most restaurants change the menu in 8 years.


A very pointy point indeed Karen! :)


The TR in my town wasn't even built 8 years ago! :)  So an update to the info seems warranted.


This is what their website says about the current (December 2014) gluten-free menu below:






"While we recognize that some guests have specific dietary needs, we are no longer able to offer our gluten-free menu at this time. It was a very difficult decision, but we concluded that due to the multi-use of utensils, supplier changes, substitutions, and the possibility of human error, we could not offer our guests a total assurance that the items were indeed 100% gluten-free. As such, we decided that the best approach was for the management team at each restaurant to work with guests individually to ensure that they can make the most informed menu decisions. Please ask to speak to your location's Managing Partner, who will be happy to accommodate any requests or provide information about our food and preparation. Thank you for your interest in Texas Roadhouse!"




Basically they don't have a gluten-free menu anymore.  I think it is worth checking with the local TR staff on their gluten-free options if you like that kind of place.  Like I said in another thread, I've eaten at our local store 3 times and not been glutened.  I had a steak, green beans, and sweet potato.  Hopefully their other locations are good at gluten-free also.  At our local store in Athens, Ohio, the staff told me they could make any of the steaks gluten-free.  My sister had a chicken breast and she was ok.


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This was a Very old post. Careful as our Texas Roadhouse was g.f. but about 8 months ago they changed and no longer have a g.f. menu. Chek post date And check with the restaurant.


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Right Cap6, the don't have a gluten-free menu at any of their restraunts now.  That was probably a response to the new FDA regs on gluten.  They (TR) say on their site to check with the local restraunt for gluten-free options.  Same thing you said.  So far it has worked out ok for me, no problems.


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I prefer Saltgrass Steakhouse - they even have gluten free bread before your meal comes out.  


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I prefer Outback. I've dined there dozens of times without one issue of C/C.


Love Outback!


PS: Yes, you have to still be careful and verify everything when you order and when it arrives at table. I do this at mom's house too!


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    • Started thinking the only cereal I allow in my house is Vans, they have a cinnamon one that is like a captain crunch with cinnamon, and a strawberry O type that I keep in stock for a friend that comes over sometimes and for my cousins littler girls who I end up babysitting sometimes. There was a coconut flake (corn flake knock) off I used to eat, but the company discontued it. There is a stuff called progranola from julians bakery made without grains that looks great but is a bit expensive at $9 a bag.
    • I would add your pharmacist to that that list and double check when getting a script filled that they checked to make sure it is safe. You will also need to tell any romatic partners as if they are gluten consumers they should brush their teeth before any kissing.
    • What you all are going through is normal. It took a long time for celiac to progress to the point where you were diagnosed and it takes time for the antibodies to resolve and for you to return to full health but you will. Eat as many whole foods as you can, stay away from oats and limit or delete dairy until you have healed for a while longer. Some of us will react to even gluten free oats so wait until you have been symptomless to try them out.  Sublingual B12 may help you heal a bit faster and do take a good gluten free vitamin. Be careful of the 'whole foods' vitamins as some will have barley or wheat grass in them. Eventually you will recognize when you get hit by CC, in my case I get a shift like I am falling sideways and an almost instant change in mood for the worse but it took a while to realize that was what was happening.  If you take any prescription meds do make sure that your pharmacist knows you are celiac and that they are checking all meds prescribed. If you haven't already do read the Newbie 101 thread at the top of the Coping section as it will have a lot of good information to keep you safe. Welcome to you all and I hope you heal quickly.
    • Did you take any vitamin D supplements when that tested low? Was anything done to correct the other deficiencies you had?  Do you take a multivitamin now?  I think correcting any vitamin and mineral deficiencies should be the first line of defense.   It's the simplest way of ruling out more sinister conditions.  Vitamin deficiency diseases can be mistaken for other diseases.  For example,  a deficiency in niacin (pellagra) can be mistaken for Celiac Disease. https://www.celiac.com/articles/24658/1/A-Differential-Diagnosis-How-Pellagra-Can-be-Confused-with-Celiac-Disease/Page1.html Cycling Lady broke vertebra in her neck throwing up.  She had anemia, a result of iron and B12 deficiencies.   I understand how you can just blow off the importance having adequate vitamin and mineral levels.  I did.  My doctor did, too. But when a friend suggested vitamin D deficiency might be causing my severe depression,  I begged my doctor to check my vitamin D level.  He ranted he couldn't make any money prescribing vitamins.  He finally agreed, but only because my insurance would pay for it and he could prescribe synthetic D2.  My level was six.  That's severely deficient.  He didn't bother with checking for other deficiencies.  I broke a leg, osteoporosis due to calcium deficiency.  That's lame.  I developed pellagra.  That's "slightly dead."  Then there was the BeriBeri episode with bouts of tachycardia. That's "almost dead." And from complications of vitamin A deficiency, I'm legally blind.  All within three years.  Yeah, sure, vitamins aren't so important.  Just ignore them, they'll go away.  Please rethink putting nutritional deficiencies on the back burner. Hope this helps. 😸
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