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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Need To Find A Dentist

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I haven't been to a dentist for almost 5 years. I know I should have gone sooner, but I have not had dental insurance until recently and I never had any problems with my teeth. I do have problems with my gums bleeding a lot though. Even when I floss twice a day. Strange thing is my gums have started to get healthier since going gluten free. They bleed less often now and I also don't get mouth ulcers/canker sores which I used to get frequently. So with this in mind, how do I go about talking to a new dentist about celiac/gluten intolerance?

Or do I need to tell them at all?

Is there a list somewhere of dentists that are celiac savvy (probably not, but I thought I would ask)?

How do you find a good dentist anyway (regardless of gluten issues)? I have never had to find one. My dentist I went to 4.5 years ago was my childhood dentist and he has since retired (and we live 1000 miles away anyway).

I'm nervous to go after not being to one for so long. Y'all can lecture me on the dangers of gum disease. I need a swift kick in the hiney to get me to go to the dentist. I HATED going as a kid and the only reason I went to one 4.5 years ago is that I needed to have my wisdom teeth out. :o

Advice/lectures/commiseration all welcome :D Thanks.


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Well, definitely ask them if they are aware of celiac disease, ans can use gluten free products on you. some dentists have you take anti-biotics nowadays before a cleaning or filling. So need to verify those are gluten-free also if the prescribe them.

Asking people you know what a good dentist is would be a good bet to find one. Or if you have insurance now check your provider's listing to find dentists in your plan.

They make some really nice electric tooth brushes now , there is an oral B Pro Smart Series 5000 that does a nice job. Much better than the cheap ones at the grocery store. Pricey though. But worth it.


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Yes, definitely tell them. In intake forms, they will usually ask about allergies, and you can just list it there. Then, when the dentist reviews it and brings it up, you can mention that you need to check all products before they are used on you, etc. Easy!

Good luck!


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Gum issues can be due to inflammation so it is not surprising that your issues there have improved. They have for me also. I did 'interviews' when I was looking for a dentist I simply went in to talk to them before I made an appointment. If they were clueless I simply moved on. I have had a couple that were knowledgeable about celiac, one was so paranoid about glutening me she even checked the cotton balls. LOL Unfortunately she was a lousy dentist so I moved on and have crowns that will need to be redone. My dentist now is great, he didn't know much about celiac when I first saw him but he was quite willing to learn. Much of what they use is safe anyway but the flavoring in the tooth polish and flavoring in the numbing gel used before they give you a needle should be checked.

If you are fearful of dentists there are also sedation dentists who if you need a lot of work can give you oral sedation. Mine now can't legally do that but he was fine with my getting something from my doctor to self sedate when I had to have 5 teeth pulled in one sitting. Going into the dentist after years of not going was one of the best things I ever did for myself. Sometimes we don't realize how much pain we are in until its gone. Good for you for getting yourself in there. Just ask questions first and you will be fine. Dentists see lots of folks that haven't been in years, they won't chastise you for it.


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    • Many celiacs can eat 10- 20 mg of gluten per day (10-20 ppm in one kilogram of food) without adverse effects.  That is roughly equivalent to 1/16-1/8 teaspoon flour.  More than a trace, but still a small amount.  Some of us cannot handle that amount.
    • Everything with the gluten-free certification must be below 20ppm in a lab test. THAT is much much less then a crumb. Toasters are cheap just get a new ones. If you eat whole foods only your chances are much much less of getting CCed. We normally suggest no gluten-free processed foods (dough, mixes, chips, crackers. breads etc) for the first few months only eating whole foods to boost your healing also remove dairy and oats as they can be hard to process with the initial damage (Diary requires the enzyme lactase which is produced by the tips of the villi in the intestines which are the most damaged).   To make it much easier clean our your microwave really goods, put down some paper towels in the bottom when you use it and get some nordicware microwave cook ware, a new mixing bowl. measure cup, spatula, and some basic eating and cooking utensils and you can start fixing stuff that way starting off without worry. I love steamed veggies, omelettes, etc done this way so tender and easy to digest.  I might also suggest using freezer/butcher paper for a clean prep surface starting off also makes clean up a breeze since you just trash it when done.  You can get the rest of you appliances, pots, pans and everything else changed over later. And this makes it simple to get started....PS crockpot liners are a life saver and making huge pots of stew, or roast in them from raw ingredients is super simple and you can eat on it for days.
    • Hi again Victoria  - I've just read your other comment about your insides feeling like they might slip out!  Poor you!  But yes - I can identify with that.  I actually get that exact feeling when I get a UTI - are you sure you haven't got a UTI?  x
    • Third trimester pain is a good way of describing it!  I know someone with another gastrointestinal complaint - diverticulitis - which causes this sensation too - so it could purely be down to our gut. What I would say is what side is you pain on? Is it pretty diffuse or is it on the left or right side?  For me, it was the left side, rather as if when I was pregnant a baby was standing on my hip/groin area.  As it was on the left a sigmoidscopy was indicated to make doubly sure nothing else was going on, after an internal pelvic scan u/s ruled out other problems. (I note you have had a hysterectomy but have you had any of the above scans recently? - might be worth doing to give you peace of mind). If you want to find out if it is your sacroiliac joint causing you problems, a physio or chiropractor will be able to put their finger on it (literally).  My left sacroiliac joint is very tender now but before I was shown where the joint actually was, I wouldn't have known  otherwise as the pain refers in a great part to my groin.   I nearly shot through the roof when my chiropractor touched the sacroiliac area.   The cure for that is rest and the right type of exercise, not carrying heavy loads, wearing comfortable supportive shoes etc. Another thing that pelvic pain can be caused by is pelvic congestion.   I'm not sure if this would affect someone who has had a hysterectomy. One radiographer told me I had a lot of veins (like internal varicose veins) which might be causing me pain, although when the gynaecologist looked at me she said they were normal.   Personally, I think in my case it is a mix of sacroiliac issues, bloating and possibly pelvic congestion!  A bit of everything in the mix! One thing I cannot do any more is wear tight waistbands or other tight clothes.  For whatever reason this makes things so much worse.  If you are wearing tight waistbands, definitely give that a miss. Sorry - this is a bit of a ramble, but it might throw some light on your situation.
    • So this is all new to me. Had an endoscopy done. Showed inflammation, some biopsies were taken etc. researching going gluten free and I'm completely baffled. What I've read says even a trace of gluten can be "poisonous"( sorry for the dramatics) to a person with celiac, yet gluten free doesn't mean 0 gluten. How is that supposed to provide any peace?  Someone said to get rid of even appliances that had gluten in them due to contamination. How is it that crumbs in a toaster are worse than gluten in supposedly gluten free food? The diet itself doesn't scare me. I've actually found comfort in all the gluten free options. Baking mixes, doughs, pasta, pizza crusts, etc. I was very pleased that I could maintain eating what I like with relatively minor adjustments. The concern being that even doing this, there's still a possibility of consuming gluten just makes me feel like I'm never going to get ahead with this. Any advice?
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