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  1. I truly believe that some doctors are stuck in the knowledge that symptoms should be a certain way and a certain way only. Unfortunately for people like me and many others, it seems much easier for some doctors to simply deny the possibility than to reach further into the issue at hand. This issue...
  2. I hope you find some relief in the coming months. I find it so bizarre something as simple as bread has been treated like poison in my body. Thank you for sharing your story. It is hard as a teenager to hear doctors blame your symptoms on your mental state especially when you don't function the way...
  3. Thank you for doing what you do. So many people get waved off just because of there size and the lack of recognition of the disease life affecting issues like fertility. In terms of the knee surgery had been dealing with issues since I was 12 years old from a fall while dancing. The injury...
  4. Hello, I recently got diagnosed with Celiac Disease around a month and half ago. I have been dealing with symptoms for two years (little did I know). When I was around 13, I started to gain a lot of weight out of nowhere, my hair started thinning and falling out, I developed a rash on my arms (Keratosis...