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  1. Hi. I read the same thing and yet everytime i come in contact with gluten despite washing my hands, i first get the rash then the nausea, abdominal cramps and bloating.  The last couple of times this has happened has gotten me to thinking there's something else going on.  However, that said, the rash that i get is the same rash ive had for years before my diagnosis and appears only when Ive been exposed. Got any ideas?

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    2. Karen P

      Karen P

      Thank you for your thoughts.  I am really beginningto wonder if it is some sort of "allergic" reaction that is related to the Celiac disease.  I have had at least 2 very memorable occasions when I unknowingly came into contact with a product containing gluten. Because I didnt know, I didnt wash my hands immediately afterwards and sure enough, the symptoms started.  In that time between, I did not eat anything and my hands had been no where near my mouth.  I always get the rash first.  I discovered recently if I shower immediately upon noticing the rash, I can avoid the intestinal symptoms that start within hours of absorption.

      I have read multiple articles stating gluten is too large of a molecule to be absorbed through the skin but have yet to find an actual scientific study supporting this claim. That said, I'm beginning to believe I need to have further testing including allergy tests done.  If I could take an antihistamine to solve this problem......I could finally have a life back. I'm the only one in my circle of family and friends that has this problem so have felt extremely isolated. That's why I'm very grateful for your response and appreciate it more than I can say.

    3. bartfull


      Hi Karen. I replied to your posts in the original thread you posted in. That way everybody can see it and not only will you get more advice from experienced folks, but others can read and learn too. We're all here to help each other and with a little luck we can get to the bottom of this. :)

    4. Karen P

      Karen P

      Thank you so much for your last post. It has actually brought tears to my eyes.  Because of this unknown issue, I've been so isolated. It never occured to me to access a site like this. It's nice knowing there's people out there that understand and willing to help. I'm also somewhat computer illiterate so.....I'm supposed to reply to the very first post I replied to? Is that it?

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