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  1. I'm allergic to lots of foods. Sometimes it does show up as a swollen spot on my lip - not the whole lip, just off to one side. It does subside on its own, but is annoying until it does. Annette
  2. I use the hillshire farm brand quite often with no problems. And about that dream you had - believe it or not, it's normal. It's your subconcious coming to grips with the diet change and life style change. I've had some doozies in the past. It's usually of eating something, then realizing that I shouldn't have and getting the food out of my mouth. That's when I usually wake up. I've been totally gluten-free now for several months and the dreams have almost completely stopped. I don't know if it's because my health is so much better or having this place to help deal with the disease. Ei
  3. Well, I've had both at one sitting - even when I've been clean for weeks. I dunno. But with my C I'm happy I'm going.
  4. the current theory is that the gluten proteins are too big and are filtered out during the distiallation process. I've used grain based distilled items and haven't had problems. You could always switch to cider vinegar. Annette
  5. Malt-o-meal Fruit Dynobites aregf, and if you access to Always Save brand (generic with yellow lables) their Coco Crunchies are gluten-free too. Or you can do grits.
  6. I don't know exactly what is in pectin, but think of it as a type of gelatin. It is gluten free, that I do know.
  7. Loved your siggy!!! I have problems with mild UTIs whenever I eat too much sugar and stuff that's bad anyhow. Just my body telling me to be good, I guess. What the other ladies have posted here I've tried in the past and it works. Hope you're better soon! Annette
  8. Sounds similar to mine. It was like I was being sliced with a red hot butter knife. Turned out it was fibroids and one had attached itself to my pelvic floor. 4 1/2 yrs after my hyster. I still get the pain occasionally. Annette
  9. It might, and I sure hope it does. The malabsorption part of celiac disease affects the body in so many areas and in so many different ways - the effects seem to be tied to the unique physiology in each person, along with how much damage done to the intestines and how long the malabsorption has occured. Since going absolutely 100% gluten-free, my foot feels better, but it never was exactly perfect to begin with. Good luck to you and your children with the gluten-free diet.
  10. Cool. I'm 9 1/2 AA so I can really really sympathize. Have you tried Massey shoes (catalogue) or Auditions (catalogue) or gone to qboutlet.com ? Or go directly to NewBalance. I swear by them when it comes to athletic shoes.
  11. My left one has always been flat. But when I was born they thought I might be club footed. Had to wear braces for my ankles when I was two so I'd be able to walk. Then I had to wear cookies in the arches of my orthopedic looking shoes when I was in grade school. My right arch recovered, but my left arch was always flat. But I developed celiac disease when I was in my mid-30's. Two years ago my left arch fell (but it was flat, so I don't see how it could have fallen) and was painful, even wearing the orthotics. Until I finally went totally 100% gluten-free. (had been eating cereal with m
  12. I've used pepto, Wallyworld gas-x, ginger tea helps, chamomile tea does too. Also just curling up with a heating pad helps the tummy to relax some. Hope you're better soon (My tummy just gave me a sympathy twinge - it feels for you!)
  13. My experience in reading regular Campbell soup label is that they will state wheat/wheat flour. Most of their products do contain wheat. Be very careful in reading their labels.
  14. It's a malt beverage and as far as I can tell it's off the list. I will try to find out definitly this weekend. I have had them with no telltale reaction, but for now better safe than sorry. My problem is that my body doesn't react right away like lots of people here, so if I do have D and fatigue I can't really pin point the source.
  15. Hmm... I've got a three day weekend coming up. And if my old van doesn't cost me too much on Fri - I may have to experiment. Seeing as smirnoff twists are out.
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