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  1. Are you using "post" celiac utensils as opposed to pre-celiac utensils? I threw out all my wooden spoons, pitted plastics and anything that I was afraid couldn't be scoured completely clean of gluten.
  2. My daughter's m-i-l has alopecia. She doesn't have celiac, but HER mother has been diagnosed with celiac, but claims to "have a mild form". But since autoimmune diseases can be hereditary, I would think that there's a link.
  3. Every now and then I take a small swig of M.O.M. (cherry flavor. Mint to me is awful), but only if I've been having problems for three days or more. My regular routine: Two fiber pills in a.m. and 2 in p.m. Raisins in my cereal. I find my two biggest no-no's are cheese and rice. Even rice products stop things for me. Lots of water. Lots of dried fruit - apricots and prunes and raisins are the best. You'll find out what's best for you through trial and error.
  4. Not all of Zatarain flavors are safe. You do have to read the labels. Unfortunately I used up my last box so I couldn't tell you what I was using - I think it was Jambalya. I wouldn't worry about the soy - the women in Japan have a much lower incidence of breast cancer and their diet was based on soy - until it became westernized with our much greater ingestion of fats. As you heal, you may be able to digest dairy again. Celiac causes damage to the villi, and it is in the tip of the villi that the body produces the enzyme necessary to digest diary. After about three months of being gluten-free, try a little dairy product again like yogurt or mozzerella cheese. It was yellow cheeses that took the longest for me to be able to eat again. Hope that helps some. Annette
  5. I doubt if the muscle patch would have something bad for you in it. Is there an 800 number on the box you could call and ask? You are lucky in that your dr. dx'd without all of the testing other than diet and he knew about celiac. Must have gone to the same university as my dr. did. I was dx'd via diet alone 10 yrs ago. One thing I could highly recommend is that you get yourself a set of Triumph dining cards. There's a link somewhere on this website. I don't travel without them and they have saved me many times. Are you taking any other OTC or prescribed meds that could contain gluten? What about toiletries, especially shampoo. There is wheat in so many places - even cosmetics! Anyhow, welcome to the board and I hope you find the source of your gluten soon. Annette
  6. Anything with the word MALT is bad for us, (unless the malt is from a safe source which is rare. It would be stated on the label ie: rice malt). If the word MALT is byitself, it is made from barley.
  7. I swear by L-glutamine. It really does work! I was accidentaly cross-contaminated awhile back but had been religious about taking the supplement and my recovery time was greatly reduced along with the symptoms. (even the irritability!) I would highly recommend taking it as a matter of course even after healing in case of accidental glutening or cross-contamination. Annette
  8. How was the beef flavored? Did they use teriyaki? Soy sauce anywhere? Even if the restaraunt itself didn't use soy sauce somewhere, beef is now processed with flavor enhancers and such to make it more tender and flavorfull. And who know WHAT is in that solution. (saw it on Food channel or Discovery. Can't remember which). And yes, the reactions to gluten can very in a person. Usually mine is delayed, but once I did have an immediate reaction. Hope it passes quickly. Annette
  9. BUT FRUITY PEBBLES ARE OKAY >... right... I can't remember, but as always read all labels. I'm pretty darn sure they are, but I buy the malt-o-meal dyna-bites - much cheaper. But I do buy the coca pebbles when I want to take a dessert to a gathering. I use them to make Rice Krispy treats.
  10. I think the possibilities of cross-contamination with such a product would be too great to risk it. I stay clear of all toiletries containing gluten in any form.
  11. I don't think celiac should slow the healing - the thing is if she's eating appropriately and not triggering any responses to gluten, then her body will be absorbing all the nutrients like it should. But it will still seem like forever to her. Annette
  12. Ok, let me tell you my story - it's a little long but I hope to save people by relating my mistakes - I USED to eat cereals with malt - no ill effects I thought at the time. Then after years of this I noticed numbing in my face and when I would get out of bed it felt like I was walking on stumps. Peripheral neurapathy - scary as I'm not even 50 yet. And persistent brain fog - I had even forgotten how to run the software at work, the same program I had used for 5 Years!! So after I joined this forum I finally decided to really clean up my act and eliminated ALL gluten, and even remote cross-contaminations in my house. The numbess disappeared after several months, I have more brain activity and don't sleep away my weekends anymore. My conclusion is that while malt may be considered "safe" by some standards (and I'm not terribly sensitive to gluten in the overt ways) I believe that the effect is cumulative - like mercury in fish. My two cents, but I will never ever ingest malt knowingly again. Annette
  13. I agree with Carla. But lots of times those with dairy problems can eat dairy later after being gluten free for awhile. You might want to go gluten-free for about three weeks and then see how you respond to cheese. But I would start out with a white cheese - it took me months before yellow cheese stopped bothering me.
  14. I used to do that at the beginning when I first found out I had celiac. It gets better as you go along. Just hang in there.
  15. I go there frequently myself. Lots of recipes can be made gluten-free with a little ingenuity.
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