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  1. thanks for all your insight Stephanie. yes, she did test for a lot of things at once. no blood testing was ever done. I am going to look into this. happy new year!
  2. I saw a board certified allergist who is well respected where I live. she did give me an epi pen but not for the soy allergy.
  3. very interesting read Stephanie, thanks. all I knew was what the allergist told me. she did skin tests and based on the reactions I was told I was allergic to dairy and soy 3 years ago. I went to see her because I felt nauseous at times and didn't know why. I felt great after giving up the dairy and soy. after a while the nausea came back, so I went back and she told me I was allergic to chocolate. to me this was the worst of all of it! so I can't figure out why she would tell me i had these food allergies. if in fact I am intolerant and not allergic, then maybe there is hope i can reintroduce these foods since it's been 3 years. thoughts?
  4. Hi Stephanie, thanks for your reply. I don't have an epi pen for this, I had testing done at an allergist office, and was told I am allergic to soy, among other things. the symptoms I used to get when eating soy was intestinal upset, not life threatening, just annoying. I also was unaware in the change in labeling laws. interesting stuff thanks again for posting
  5. I wrote to Hellmanns about their Canola mayonnaise. I am allergic to soy and have been using this product as it had been stated on the label as no soy in the ingredients. I wasn't happy when I went to get some, checked the label and saw soy as a flavoring in the ingredients. what floored me is what they said that it has always been there, just now they are listing it. huh? this is what I got back:
  6. I bought these to give my grandkids for breakfast when they sleep over. breakfast was always a problem, so it's great to be able to get them. would I eat them? nope, not worth it to me
  7. I eat out with my family often, I pack my meal, take it in a purse-like looking little cooler bag. when orders are being taken i just tell the waiter that I am not ordering. they don't care. when the food comes I whip out my meal and eat. ( I bring my own plate, etc.) they don't care. I ask no permission. I ask no forgiveness. there is NO meal worth it to me to be sick for 2 weeks. no waiter has ever said a word.
  8. I have alleriges, have an epi pen. up till this new thing with my throat closing with melon, the only symptoms I had were GI. but with this new one, I'm glad I have the epi pen good point
  9. I have additional allergies, so eliminating gluten is not related to these. I am allergic to dairy, soy, chocolate, tea (?? whoever heard of this?), now realizing lately that my throat closes with honeydew melon and cranberries. the list seems to grow with time. so one thing has nothing to do with the other
  10. so sad about that little boy.. this will be my 3rd holiday season, and I really don't get sad, I never did. I was so happy when I realized staying away from offending foods kept me feeling good.
  11. sorry you've been through all this. are you still planning to work in the bakery? I can't be around flour, I'm very sensitive. good luck!
  12. i am super sensitive to gluten, and allergic to dairy and soy. I look back at what my mom used to eat, I lost her 7 years ago at 94 years old, and realized she only ate plain things, wouldn't eat bread, and was very sensitive to food in general. there was never any sense of diagnosing anything, and I didn't even know any of this existed then. recently I was speaking to a cousin of mine who is much older than me, and she told me my grandmother had something that started with "C" and was very restricted on what she could eat. I was young when she died so have no memories of this.
  13. I feel for you as well. I basically live my life only eating food I made myself, unless it's a 100% gluten-free restaurant. this is going on 3 yrs for me. it doesn't get easy per se, but definitely easier to incorporate into my life and social situations. bring your own food, etc. totally doable. good luck!
  14. I have been reading through all these super sensitive posts, and I definitely live this life also. I am wondering if anyone has found any way to help them have less reaction when they are out and about. Has anything helped at all? I was looking into seeing a Naturopathic Doctor, but don't want to go down that possibly expensive road without opinions of whether it could help. I am thinking digestive support, I really don't know. I am at my wits end here. 100% gluten, dairy and soy free for almost 3 years. I saw an allergist and am confirmed allergic to dairy and soy, and reacted to the wheat as well in the testing. it would be so much easier to navigate life if all I had to do was not eat this stuff, but reacting to it on the outside has brought a new level of difficulty to my life. for example, I was babysitting 2 weeks ago at my daughter's house, something i do all the time.. I got glutened. the effects lasted almost 2 weeks. couldn't for the life of me figure it out, as I am careful and my grandkids have been brought up with me and my way of life. found out later on my daughter had been baking that afternoon. help!
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