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    I'm Sorry

    I think I know exactly how you feel........and I think you know these feelings will go away soon when you get completely over that last glutening. Mine bites me in the bum like that too! xxx
  2. I know this topic is old, that is the reason I sent an email to check the current status....... When I got this reply, I was (and still am) suffering the aftermath of an accidental glutening, so I an particulary irritable, however, I think once I'm feeling better, I'll still find their reply useless...
  3. With the benefit of hindsight..... Me: I'm so constipated, I only go once per week and it's like trying to pass a house brick. Doctor (without asking me anything about my diet): eat more wholemeal bread. I was already eating 8+ slices per day! Next visit.... Me: I have terrible heartburn and...
  4. Hi Lisa, I've tried spaghetti squash, it's expensive here (UK), and all i ever got was stringy mush.....so I gave up on that, lol. I've done courgette and carrot 'ribbons' with a peeler, they're OK......used a mandolin to make jullienne also. The reason why I'm hoping the spiraliser will be better...