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  1. Both Advil and Aleve contain aspirin. It could be the aspirin that is upsetting your stomach. I know I cannot take aspirin at all, gluten-free or not. I do take Tylenol without any stomach upset. So maybe it is the aspirin that is upsetting your stomach. Both Advil and Aleve contain...
  2. Ennis, thank you so much for this information. All of your help reminds me that I am not the only one with gi issues. I do not post often, but whenever I read stuff here, I learn so much info. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! After reading through the link, I am so motivated to buy my own ice cream maker...
  3. Thank you so much! The post about gluten-free ice cream in a dedicated facility would be great. Thanks again and than ks for the link to luvicecream.
  4. I have Celiac Disease and am also sensitive to dairy. I ate dairy free ice-cream made with coconut milk and certified gluten-free. I had a reaction from something in there. The brand was So Delicious Coconut Milk ice-cream. I checked with the manufacture and it is processed on shared equipment...
  5. On my recent trip to Eureka (northern CA), I found it difficult to impossible to eat out safely. Luckily, I packed gluten-free freezed dried food created by a company called paleo to go. I ate that and food that I purchased from a local natural grocery store. I did not feel safe eating at the...
  6. Hi, I am looking for a functional medicine doctor in the Chicago area? Any recommendations? I have never been to one. I have celiac disease and ulcerative colitis. What should I expect from a functional medicine doctor?
  7. Hi AristotlesCat. I am new here. I read through most (but not all) of the posts under this discussion. I beleive that message boards like this should be a place of support, so this is what I know has worked for me. I am a coffee drinker with both Celiac Bisease and Ulcerative Colitis. What...