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  1. Nookie2017


    You helped a lot thank you, that means it’s safe if in my kids nursery they clean his toys n play area chair enjoy c...
  2. Nookie2017


    Is there a celiac specialist inInnsbruck austria that I can trust please?
  3. I am so grateful for all your help and I will hang in there and fight for my sons health, people helpful and lifting...
  4. Thank you very much for your reply, the TTG IGA was 1300 6 month ago... may I ask is it a good sign that the TTG IGG...
  5. any help please to explain six month ago the TTG - IGG WAS HIGH now it’s normal, the TTH IGA is better but still high? ...
  6. I have a question plz, my son is the opposite his TTG IGG IS NORMAL , but his TTG IGA IS HIGH WELL BETTER THAN 6 month...
  7. May I know where is the forum , I also need professional advice regarding my 3 year old celiac son thx