Celiac.com 08/29/2014 - Well, we haven’t had a good gluten-free celebrity dustup in a while, so I’m happy to report that the most recent shots have been fired by actor Charlize Theron, who called ‘bullshit’ on the non-celiac gluten-free diet fad in Hollywood.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons--Gage SkidmoreTalk show host Chelsea Handler asked Theron about her thoughts on the gluten-free cupcakes Handler sent her last Christmas.

That prompt was enough for Theron to share her true feelings about both the cupcakes, and the whole (we assume she means ‘fad’) “gluten free” issue in general.

“I just think that if you are gonna send a gift, let it be enjoyable. Why send me a fucking cupcake with no sugar in it? What’s the use? There’s no use. It tastes like cardboard! And this was the ultimate test,

Not only did the cupcakes taste “like cardboard,” but Theron found few takers when she tried to pawn them off; even to a bunch of ‘fashion people,’ who ‘love skinny stuff…even they couldn’t eat it.”

Nor would her cleaning ladies. Nor, according to Theron, would her dogs. “My dogs wouldn’t even eat it. I couldn’t get rid of the goddamned cupcakes in my kitchen.”

Theron went on to say that she thinks “the gluten-free thing is bullshit. I’m sorry, that’s just me. I don’t believe it and I think studies now recently just proved that it is bullshit. But I actually do think it’s bullshit.”

So, whether you agree with her or not, Theron has officially put her Hollywood friends on notice about their fad gluten-free diets, and clearly stated what so many Americans have felt for some time: For people without celiac disease, a gluten-free diet is “bullshit.”

With the most recent and comprehensive studies now casting serious doubt over the existence of non-celiac gluten sensitivity, what do you think? Is Theron onto something, or is she being way too dramatic? Share your thoughts below.

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