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Gluten-Free Recipes: Snacks & Appetizers

Gluten-Free Recipes: Snacks & Appetizers - Please submit your favorite gluten free snack or appetizer recipe here by registering as an author on our site. Your recipes will appear here and help thousands of other people with celiac disease.

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    Photo: CC--ECohen

    I’ve been interested in do-it-yourself frozen fruit pops lately, and this recipe has me really excited. If you love pineapple, and you love coconut, this recipe will deliver cool, delicious, summertime treats.

    Photo: CC--Liz West

    Asparagus season is upon us, and I’ve been looking for new ways to prepare this ever-popular vegetable. This recipe offers one of the easiest, most delicious ways I know to make delicious, memorable asparagus.

    The finished asparagus. Photo: CC--seth anderson

    This recipe for asparagus uses fresh garlic and lime, along with some shallots and a splash of butter to deliver delicious asparagus.

    The finished avocado cucumber mango salsa. Photo: CC--Janet Hudson

    This recipe blends avocado, cucumber, mango and tomato with just the right amount of onion, cilantro and jalapeño to deliver a delightful zesty fruit salsa that is sure to disappear quickly.

    The finished crab cakes. Photo: CC--slettvet

    Winter is crab season on the west coast. I'm a crab cake lover from way back, but they nearly always contain wheat flour, so I generally avoid them since going gluten-free. This simple gluten-free version combines fresh crab with ginger, lime and a dash of hot sauce to deliver a light, flavorful crab cake.


    This is the perfect dip for a holiday party, or to share with your favorite dinner guests.

    Photo: CC--crd!

    This wonderful stuffed mushroom recipe makes a perfect appetizer for that perfect dinner experience!

    The finished fresh lobster salad. Photo: CC--Reneé S.

    Lobster salad is a simple, elegant dish that will score big points with your loved one on Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or any time you need a little romantic twist to your meals. It's great to take on picnics, and can be served with your favorite gluten-free bread, or on top of your favorite salad.

    There is nothing like the taste of fresh-roasted nuts during wintertime. This recipe will please all of the nut lovers out there!

    There is a variation on this tasty recipe using Rainbow Swiss chard and pine nuts on my Web site.

    Photo: CC--Brian Maleszyk

    Summer's almost over, but if you want a quick, easy to make salad that tastes amazing and makes you feel like you're basking in the July sun, then try this little trick: Toss some feta cheese over watermelon chunks. Then sit back and enjoy as the looks on your guests faces move from puzzled to intrigued to outright delighted. Be sure to relish the 'Mmmms' and 'Ooooos' and 'Awwws' that follow as they make their pleasure know.

    The finished lemon cherry guacamole.

    This recipe makes a wonderful dip that can be served with your favorite gluten-free chips.

    The finished Buffalo-style chicken wings. Photo: CC--rick

    This recipe will help you recreate the taste of your favorite restaurant wings. They are sure to please your guests, and make a big hit at the next showing of Monday night football, or your weekend sporting events.

    Photo: CC--Pandafoodie

    Contrary to popular belief, Gorgonzola, or blue cheese does NOT contain gluten. This recipe makes a tasty, refreshing salad that will turn heads and delight tastebuds.

    The finished cauliflower.

    This lovely dish makes an outstanding appetize, side dish with your favorite meal, or a nice h'orderve at a party.

    The finished roasted curry cauliflower.

    This gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free dish is a wonderful vegan snack or side dish!

    The finished spring-time cole slaw. Photo: CC--steakpinball
    I guess I'm what you'd call a coleslaw purist. I never liked it much as a kid, and once I started to like it as an adult, I developed a taste for the most basic coleslaws. I don't want any jalepeños, or other snappy flavors, like whacky, sun-dried tomato aioli in my coleslaw.

    This recipe makes a great, healthy snack that is perfect to tide you over between meals!

    The finished fennel crisps.
    This gluten-free recipe can be served with your favorite dip, or just eaten by itself!

    The finished honey-roasted Brussels sprouts.
    This dish can be served as an appetizer or as a side dish for your favorite meal.

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