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3 Weeks Today

Posted by , 22 July 2014 · 15,773 views

Today marks 3 weeks since going gluten free. Overall I feel a world better!!! At first, I was sleeping really good (like the first week and a half), but for the last week and a half or so, I've had horrible insomnia. Now, I am a chronic insomniac anyway, but I was rather enjoying that week and a half of restful sleep <_<

Not sure if it's a gluten thing or not, and hoping the constant waking up/not being able to sleep, doesn't continue on as regular of a basis as of late.

With that said, overall thumbs up. Feeling rather grateful!

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Great to hear Jessica...It will be hard to judge your sleep while still taking the sleeping med.  At some point talk to your Doctor about it?


Keep it up.  Better health is heading your way :)



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A few weeks after I stopped eating gluten, I had ridiculous energy and I would always go to bed thinking I needed 12 hours, and that's just not how it was anymore. I have settled on about 9 hours but for awhile there, I had such a burst of energy and was up till 2 am some nights.

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Jesika Beth, how about an update?  I hope all is well.



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