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I Have A New Allergy! Frustrated!

corn allergies leaky-gut

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Posted 14 March 2013 - 09:04 AM

That was really helpful :) just wondered... What kind of allergic reactions did you get to food??? Also how long before you started reintroducing these foods? It's an amazing thing to have gained them back like that, what luck to fall on such a good consultant! Well done to you... I hope I get there too, I have hardly nothing to eat due to real allergies and intolerances... Fingers crossed

My allergic reaction to food came on pretty fast and furious. I got head to toe white pusticles all over my skin that if you itched them they became insanely itchy and multiplied like crazy. I was worried I was developing DH. I went to my regular Dr. who thought it looked like a food allegy so she ordered some allergy panels. They came back with allergies to pretty much everything I ate on a normal basis. Her suggestion was that I eliminate it all from my diet for about 4 mnths and then try to reintroduce. I eliminated it all from my diet but I also went to see a holistic Dr who ordered the (Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned) 2100 gastrointestinal function profile and the 2155 sensitivity - fungi test. Also did a thyroid test but more indepth than the one my regular Dr. did. Based on the test he prescribed the above suppliments.


I started to reintroduce foods one at a time after I had a fairly good period of time with normal, firm, non-smelly, well formed stools. I probably waited at least the 8 weeks of the above protocol. Maybe more. I can't really remember but I'm reasonably certain that I didn't reintroduce anything in the first 8 weeks because I remember going to a follow-up appt. when he said I had to wait 3 mths and I was surprised as he had originally said 8 weeks.  When I tried discontinuing the suppliments I started getting the 'rock in the stomach' feeling of undigested foods, stomach ache or poor stools. When any of that happens I know I've got to get back on track with adding back in the probiotics, digestive enzymes, or the suppliments. Pretty much I've just given up and take one of the Allimax and Candibactin - BR every single day and that seems to keep everything inside happy.


When I go out to eat and have problems (probably due to cc) I take the Enzymedica Digest Spectrum. I used to always take Enzymedica Gluten Ease prior to every single restaurant meal because I almost always had a reaction and the Gluten Ease was like a miracle for keeping them away or dealing with them. But now my gut is healthy enough that I am the opposite. I almost always don't have a reaction.

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