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Feeling Worse In The Evening

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Posted 13 April 2013 - 04:41 PM

After about a year of recovery where I certainly made a few mistakes with CC I was really feeling great, back to my old self. Whatever it was this time though really got me good. So I am three weeks into recovering from my first severe glutening. It is taking forever and I hate this feeling. I would like to at least come away from this setback a little smarter.

So here goes; I always noticed that I would feel worse at the end of the day. What I don't know is why. I started thinking that perhaps the combination of the malabsorption and the fact that I struggle to eat when feeling bad leave me low on nutrients and by the end of the day my body is spent. Then I started thinking that this could also explain why I will start feeling better and then regress. Since when I am feeling terrible it is all I can do to get to work and back as soon as I have a good day, I start playing catch up and get all of the housework, yard work, etc. done. Does anyone else experience this type of thing in their recovery?

I have also decided to step up my nutritional supplements. I was taking Prilosec, Align, and a chewable multivitamin that states gluten free. I am now going to try the Celiact Multivitamin I found here at the Gluten Free Mall. The Celiact contains probiotics so I am thinking I can drop the Align as well as the Multivitamin. That will help the wallet, besides I am not sure how much probiotics are too much.
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Posted 14 April 2013 - 06:45 AM

You have an AI disease. Most of us don't realize the stress it can put on our bodies. We don't all experience the effects the same way.

I have two AI diseases. Maybe three, depending on your pov.

As my doctor put it, one is enough for your adrenals to be challenged. Two...you will always need support. It's the nature of the disease.

I fought the adrenal thing for months. Refused to believe it, that I needed supplaments. Well, guess what - they keep me going along with a great diet and exercise. Diet alone won't do it, neither will exercise alone or just supplaments. It takes all three.

I am on adrenal cortex, dhea, chromium, and now I'm supposed to eat Brazil nuts for selenium (thyroid). That's in addition to multivitamin, d, iron. And occasionally, antihistimines when seasonal allergies kick my butt.

I think of stamina like a paycheck. I only get so much and I have to budget. Can't spend too much in one day, one week, etc. Supplaments put more money in the bank and help me stretch it.
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