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Gf In Hawaii

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Hi all!

I am going to be traveling to Honolulu and Maui, Hawaii soon and wanted to see if any of you guys have suggestions for getting around there in the "restaurant scene." I will, of course, be bringing lots of edible goodies of my own and will research stores ahead of time....Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Laurie :D


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Laurie, first of all welcome! Next, do a search (look in the blue box right above the postings) on maui and about half a dozen posts down you'll find a long one from me and another from manabbe with a whole bunch of good food info for maui.

Have fun!!! Heather


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The link above will take you directly to the Maui topic Laurie mentioned. It does not contain info about Honolulu though.

Hope you have a wonderful gluten-free trip!

God bless,



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    • I continue to do more research but only found 3 journal articles which discuss the reversal of the fold pattern, possibly why I can't find answers I was waiting on on my latest celiac panel to come back so here it is, expecting slight cross contamination from eating out and possible several recent dentist visits. All three tests are based on a normal scale of 0-20 being within range.  DPG IgA - 24.5 DPG IgG – 6.84 tTg IgA – 22
    • Coffee giant Starbucks looks to feature more and better dietary specialty options, including gluten-free products. Will they succeed? View the full article
    • I did not have allergy testing through a naturopath but considered it once. I did not go through with it because she said she could find out what was wrong with me and "cure" me. Since it sounded like woo mixed in with expense,  I ran the other way. I'm surprised your insurance did not pay for allergy tests. I had allergy testing (blood test) via an allergist referred by my PCP and it was covered through insurance. I found out I am not allergic to any of the 20 foods on the list. Did you ask your doctor for a referral to an allergist? 
    • Hi, you can try reporting your own post.  That should alert the site admin of your request.  I don't think they can delete your posts, but changing your user name may be possible.
    • Hi Pablito, Welcome to the forum! You are right, you should keep eating gluten  until the tests are all done.  The skin problems you describe ma be a condition only celiacs get.  The condition is called dermatitis herpetiformis (DH for short),  DH causes an itchy rash that is usually symetrical on the body.  You get the rash on both arms or legs etc.  It makes little blisters on the skin.  They are caused by IgA antibodies in the skin.  There i a test for DH where they take a small skin sample (biopsy) from the skin next to a blister and check it for IgA antibodies.   If they find DH, then you have celiac disease.  The 2 conditions are never separate.  there is a section of this forum dedicated to dermatitis herpetiformis with lots more information. The usual diagnostic process is to do a celiac antibodies blood test first, and then an endoscopy to test for damage to the gut lining.  But with DH, it is better to get the skin biopsy done instead of the endoscopy. Celiac disease is passed on in genes, so your children should be tested also if you are diagnosed.
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