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Son Possibly Sick

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I have been gluten free since October 2005. My son born in May 2005 was also gluten free too. His formula just happens to be gluten free as are most baby foods. I read the labels on his foods anyway as we have gotten further into his foods. I wanted him tested ASAP but I was told that he had to ingest gluten to be tested for celiacs. (this never occured to me!) I slowly started introducing some gluten into his diet. He has been having chicken noodle dinners, lasagna dinners etc. All of a sudden we notice my son having these "seizure" like activities. We took him to the ER yesterday and they found nothing wrong. They are sending him for an EEG tomorrow and then to a pediatric neurologist on Monday. Does anyone think it could be gluten doing this? My mom saw a show on discovery network that had a little boy on there that was having seizures and they couldnt diagnose him. His mother finally took him off gluten and the seizures stopped. Of course when I told the ER doctor this he looked at me like I had 2 heads. I would appreciate anyones help or input on this. Thank you



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I've had seizures since I was a kid, They went away when I went off gluten...

those ER dr.s grrrrrrrrrrrr :angry:


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I saw the show your mom was talking about. It was Mystery Diagnosis. In it, they had a little boy who had seizure-like episodes when he was a baby--he would kind of zone out--the mom or dad had to say something directly in his face to bring him out of it. His doctors couldn't find anything wrong--the mom had Celiac and she was the one who thought there might be a connection. The boy is fine today--an active, healthy Celiac kid. No matter what the doctors think--go with your gut. I'll keep you and your son in my thoughts.


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    • Over the past month or so, I have been have a fuzzy feeling in my left ear canal. The best I can describe is it feels like there is a bug in my ear, but when ear is checked, no bug but the fuzzy stays.  Any ideas?  Or is this one of those strange neurological symptoms from gluten?  Please don't tell me you need to get ti checked out, because all the doctors will say is "There's nothing wrong, everything's normal." BLAH!
    • Breakfast on the go is always trickiest for me - I go with a whole fruit - banana, apple - or a yogurt, or a small bag of nuts.  Occasionally, I have a couple of hardboiled eggs at my local pret a manger.  Much prefer breakfast at home, where I can make myself an egg and cheese sandwich with avocado on gluten free toast.  Or cereal ;-)
    • thanks for your input, the reason I do the blood test is because I found out my duagther has it recently and she carry dq2 gene,so must be from my husband or in the process waiting for my genetic test back,,by the way,I do have lots of celiac symptom,so it could be gluten sensitiive you said,thanks again.  
    • No I'm in the UK, from what I've been told that's a good thing for gluten labeling and standards compliance. What you and everyone else on here says makes me sense than what the doctors are saying (a confused message at best is what they're giving me, each one with a slightly different version of it). My referral letter is in the post so on theory appointment may not be that far away. I have a load of my favourite Quorn stuff (non-gluten-free version) in the freezer so perhaps using that up may be a good way to proceed for now. I'm out at the moment and torn whether to try chips from a café, in the strict gluten-free future would probably be a no-no but in current situation probably not so bad...
    • I also only really eat one meal a day and always after I get home. I never really feel hungrey. I call it 'Pavlov's dog in reverse'.  I think it comes from so many years of food making me sick. I have gotten to the point where I now at least can eat a sandwhich and some fruit during the day but it wasn't a quick process. When folks get like that it is very important to make sure that one meal has a good amount of both calories and nutrtion.  If your diet is how you describe you are starving yourself.  You need to get yourself used to eating again.  What helped me was carrying a baggie with some nuts and dry fruit with maybe even a handful of gluten free pretzels and always some chocolate baking chips. I just ate couple pieces when I thought of it throughout the day. A little bit of cheese and a couple safe crackers, a piece of fruit or a small tin or individual serving snack pack are also good. You need to get some nutrition during the day so you can feel up to cooking a simple full meal  for dinner. I hope your feeling better soon.
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