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    Gluten Free Summertime Treats

    Started by terri,

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    I contacted TCBY about their frozen yogurt and would like to share their response.

    Dear Terri,

    Thank you for your recent e-mail message. Below is a list of TCBY

    flavors that do not specifically contain wheat, oats, barley, or rye.

    However, please keep in mind that all frozen yogurt and sorbet items

    contain natural flavors that may be derived from a grain source, and

    others contain alcohol extracts that are derived from a grain source.

    Therefore, TCBY is not able to guarantee that all the flavors listed

    below are completely gluten-free.

    Frozen Yogurt

    Banana (Nonfat/No-Sugar-Added)

    Banana Macadamia Nut (Nonfat)

    Black Cherry (96% Fat-Free)

    Boysenberry (Nonfat)

    Butter Pecan (Nonfat/No-Sugar-Added)

    Butterscotch (Nonfat)

    Cappuccino (Nonfat/No-Sugar-Added)

    Caramel Pecan Cheescake (Low Carb Lover's)

    Cherry Jubilee (Low Carb Lover's)

    Chocolate (Low Carb Lover's)

    Chocolate (96% Fat-Free)

    Chocolate (Nonfat/No-Sugar-Added)

    Coconut Cream Pie (Nonfat/No-Sugar-Added)

    Coffee (96% Fat-Free)

    Dutch Chocolate (Nonfat)

    Egg Nog (96% Fat-Free)

    Golden Vanilla (96% Fat-Free)

    Irish Cream (Nonfat/No-Sugar-Added)

    Lemon Custard Chiffon (Low Carb Lover's)

    Mountain Blackberry (Nonfat/No-Sugar-Added)

    Old Fashion Vanilla (Nonfat)

    Peach (Nonfat/No-Sugar-Added)

    Peanut Butter (96% Fat-Free)

    Pumpkin (96% Fat-Free)

    Raspberry (96% Fat-Free)

    Strawberries & Cream (Nonfat)

    Strawberry (96% Fat-Free)

    Strawberry (Nonfat/No-Sugar-Added)

    Vanilla (Low Carb Lover's)

    Vanilla (Nonfat/No-Sugar-Added)

    White Chocolate Macadamia Nut (Nonfat/No-Sugar-Added)

    White Chocolate Mousse (96% Fat-Free)

    TCBY Ice Cream

    Ample Amps (Arthur's Favorites)

    Butter Pecan

    Cherry Chocolate Chunk


    Chocolate Chip

    Cinnamon Swirl


    Cotton Candy (Arthur's Favorites)

    Mint Chocolate Chip


    Pralines & Cream

    Rainbow Cream (Arthur's Favorites)

    Rocky Road


    Vanilla Bean


    Juicy Orange

    Key Lime


    Pineapple Passionfruit

    Psychedelic Sorbet

    Ripe Raspberry

    Strawberry Kiwi

    Tropical Citrus


    Thank you for contacting Mrs. Fields Famous Brands on-line.

    Brandie Orr

    Customer Service

    Guess I'll cross them off my list...

    Terri in Virginia


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    OH NO!!!!!!!!! TCBY is/was my FAVORITE. I have been eating it all the time since going gluten-free and have not had a problem at all. I am pretty sure I have silent celiac since I don't have many symptoms but I thought all the ingredients were okay. Should I stop eating it? I am so upset right now. Oh no. Someone please tell me I don't have to stop eating it??? :(


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    I had the exact same reaction after receiving the same email from TCBY. I emailed back for more information and was given the Chemists phone number. His name is Craig Bennett, 1 800 343 5377 ext 8904. He called me back and we talked about his quest for getting complete information from his suppliers on their products. I do not have anything in writing and do not want to miss state what he told me, so I am passing on his phone number so you can call him yourself. I did leave another message today asking for written information to pass on. Good Luck!


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    I received a call from TCBY's Chemist Craig Bennet yesterday. He said the TCBY website should be updated with new ingrediant information by the end of next week. It is good news!


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    So, I just got an email from TCBY. I had sent them an email directly through their webiste. Here is the response that I got:

    Thank you for your recent email message. The only TCBY soft-serve frozen yogurt flavors that specifically contain wheat, oats, barley, or ryie in the ingredients are as follows: Cheesecake, Chocolate malt, and Cookies and Cream.

    The majority of our Mrs. Fields Ice Cream flavors are not gluten-free. The flavors that DO NOT contain gluten are: Chocolate Chocolate, Chunky Chocolate Mint, Dulce De Leche, Rocky Road Rapture, Peanut Butter Cup, Toffee Coffee Crunch, and Vanilla Bean.

    The maltodextrin flavoring in all our notfat/no-sugar-added flavors is derived from corn. Therefore, these contain no gluten.

    The alcohol extracts in the flavorings are derived from a grain source, but the following flavors have no added extracts: Chocolate Frozen Yogurt, Coffee Frozen Yogurt, Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt, Dutch Chocolate Nonfat Frozen Yogurt, and Chocolate Nonfat/No-sugar-added frozen yogurt. All other frozen yogurt flavors do contain alcohol extracts.

    All sorbet flavors contain as an ingredient "natural flavors" that may be derived from a grain source. Therefore, we are not able to guarantee that these are gluten-free.

    Other items: sprinkles, many candies, cookies, cak and pie crust all contain gluten. Fruits and hot toppings do not contain gluten. All ice cream cones contain gluten.

    As a suggestion for a special occasion treat for someone with gluten intolerance, you can order a pie with no crust (prepared directly in an aluminum pie plate), and have the employee assisting you smooth a topping on it and decorate it like they would a regular cake order.

    Thank you for contacting Mrs. Fields Famous Brands on-line. If you need any other information, please let me know.

    Isn't that great????? I was so excited. She seems very knowledgable on gluten intolerance. I have never had a problem eating the yogurt and they are very accomodating. They even get me my topping straight from the container so as not to use the potentially contaminated scoopers. :D


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    hi, i worked at TCBY for three months this summer and being that i have celiac disease, have been doing my own research as to what seems to be ok as far as celiac disease. i havenot had a problem with the yogurts there..i usually just avoid the ones we make with flavors...peanut butter, vanilla, coffee, chocolate and others seem to be fine. i will post my own findings soon.


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