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Gf Friendly Options In Chicago?

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Should have posted this earlier in the week...but I'm going to Chicago today for a long weekend. Meeting my girlfriend, who lives on the othe side of the country. Just a side note, she is so sweet about my gluten-free status. She's very concerned about eating stuff in front of me that I can't have. But, I told her that it's really no problem! I totally don't mind, but she feels bad. I gotta get it thru her head! LOL!

Anyhow, any good gluten-free friendly restaurants in Chicago?




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Two great places with gluten-free menus (ask, they are separate, not on the regular menu) are Adobo Grill (spanish/mexican) at Piper's Alley (North Ave/Clark St) and Vinci (Italian) on Halsted just north of North Ave. I have also dined successfullly at Bistro 110 (the chef has a kid with peanut allergy- so he is aware of the seriousness of special requests). Bistro 110 is just off Michigan Av across from Water Tower Place.

Have fun,



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Hope I'm not too late to do any good for your weekend trip. This is from another post on this site and lists Chicago restaurants. I can vouch for the yumminess of these: Frontera Grill or Topolobampo if you like true Mexican, PF Chang's for Chinese. Both excellent.

Great time to go to Chicago. Lived there for 3 1/2 years - never so cold in my life. I'm a true Southerner! But the 1 month of summer that they have every year is nice! :P


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Adding to my own post...

Ate at Weber Grill...waiter not too interested, but a simple burger and baked potato were delicious, great meat.

PF Chang's...started off great, so yummy, best gluten-free restaurant meal I've had yet. But, about halfway through, the stomach pain started. Haven't had it in weeks, since going gluten-free. Something was off. Every item that came, I double checked on the ingredients, cuz it all looked so great, I couldn't believe it was all gluten-free. But, while he said it was all fine, something was off and I felt it. :-( Possibly the brewed Passion Fruit iced tea? Didn't ask about that. Just assumed (I know, made and ass out of...) Felt lousy the rest of the day and night.

Recovered on Sunday and ate at Joe's Prime Steak and Stone Crab. Such a classy place, but not frumpy or cold. Waiter was so cool and friendly and knowledgeable. They write down your allergy and check everything that you order in a book that lists every ingredient of every dish. Plus, it's simple to find plain steak or fish here, that is outstanding. It was a real "event" to eat there. Had stone crab, swordfish with tomato vinagrette (kind of tasted like a greek salad on swordfish), baked sweet potato and green beans almondine. No dessert, but for your non-gluten-free friends, they looked and smelled great! Delicious wine and a beautiful and sweet dinner companion...doesn't get much better than that!!

Thanks for the tips!



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    • gluten intolerance, dairy intolerance and fructose
      I've never gone fructose free so can't help much with that.  But any fruit is probably a problem.  If you are serious about avoiding fructose you could do a search and print out a list of foods to avoid. Yes, it very possible to have multiple food intolerance issues.  Many people have multiple food intolerances.  It might help to avoid any foods that are sweet for now.  Meat and most veggies are probably the way to go.  You may want to get some jerky to eat for snacks.  Peanuts might be ok but you'll need to verify that.  Boiled eggs are probably ok.  Most soda would be a no-no.      
    • Help
      Hi Courtney, You asked about dairy, and RMJ got it right.  Celiac disease destroys the villi lining of the small intestine.  Those villi make the lactase enzyme we need to digest dairy. Sigmoid colon thickening could be related to diverticulitis.  Which according to Wiki is a fairly common condition but doesn't always cause symptoms.  Diverticulitis can cause a problem if there is an infection though.  The sigmoid colon is part of the large intestine.  Celiac disease affects the small intestine, so celiac isn't likely involved.  I am not sure why the resident suggested celiac, unless there were some other reason to do so.  Possibly the weight loss, which could be explained by celiac disease.  Thickening of the colon may happen with Crohn's disease also.  And I'm not sure about UCD (ulcerative colitis disease) but it might cause that also, not sure
    • So I've been glutened....
      Hi JMG, Since it's easy, and always fun, I'd blame your sister. That's what I do.  But seriously, if it's an ongoing problem, rather than an isolated incident stick with your first guess.  Then test it.   So get rid of the oat bread or the sister (her food) or anything that is a consistent part of your diet and you suspect could be the problem.  Of course processed foods are the most likely issue always. It's easy enough to drop back to a very few foods for a few days and see if things improve.  Eating with celiac isn't about having the most exciting diet, it's about eating a medically safe diet.  So it can be boring sometimes.  That's ok, being in pain is exciting but not so fun.   Boring is fine. You might ask your sister what brands of flour she used, and other ingredients.  Then check on those products for possible gluten issues.  If they turn out to be possible problems, make a note of it so you can avoid them in the future. My own sister has been gluten-free for years but she has made me sick several times with her "creations".  It really is best to trust your own cooking and nobody else's for at least 6 months as you are getting used to the diet and healing.  Then slowly branch out and add things in maybe 1 new item in a week.  Slow and controlled diet changes are the way to go.  Boring but safe.  Happy but slow.    
    • So I've been glutened....
      Jmg I am sorry to hear you are unwell. You have been so kind and helpful to me on the boards here. You deserve the time to rant too.   Everyone's suggestion of probiotic is helpful. I have taken them since the 1990's in spurts as needed but was told by my DC after this March glutening I should take it daily "for life". My local store ran out, (I buy the type that must be refrigerated so the manufacturer does not ship direct to customer.) I was ok first day without it but by day 3 I knew I had to locate some for the probiotic/ enzyme blend was necessary for me. I have still not healed well enough yet to be without. As others said it could be cc from sis or the food  industry. Within the food industry even with parameters in place errors can be made- hopefully not too often.  Often rare though especially if not designated facility.  It is hard to know some days what it was. I do hope you get better soon. Yes I do think it can affect the brain/mood. Happens to me a large amount can be immediately,  but a smaller amount by day 2 after glutening. I want to ban gluten everywhere in my environments, unrealistic I know,  but have only been able to do that at home.  Be kind and patient with yourself at this time as you would tell me. ((((((Hug)))))
    • So I've been glutened....
      Yeah I did all the bone broths and sauerkraut after my challenge. Although I wasn't very good at making sauerkraut... Its summer here now so I've eased up on the bone boiling, plus my local butcher is struggling to obtain them. As you say healing to the point where microscopic cross contamination doesn't get you would be a big win.  I was ok with coffee until last few days. I drank decaff black and would have several cups a day without issue. I'll be gutted if I can't handle it any more. I hadn't realised you could get gluten-free miso soup. Will have to look for that    
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