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    • Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Being Too Hungry = Low Blood Sugar?

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By hungry, I don't mean your stomach feeling hungry.. but like just a really strong urge, feeling, something.. to eat!! Like feeling it in all your being. Maybe could call it feeling ravenous if that's the word I'm thinking of, LOL.. I dunno.

But I've been feeling this way this all week, later in the day. So been eating more than usual! And the only change I've made in my diet, is a lack of any sugary candy like skittles or starburst.

So would the lack of candy now, be causing my blood sugar to be lower, and causing this feeling I described poorly?

Another example, Friday.. my stomach was actually feeling full from eating, well a bit too full.. and I was still feeling this annoying need to eat!

Some info to help: Been gluten and casein free for over 60 days now. (Go me!) No signs of damage to small intestines from endoscopy and enterolab testing. And despite eating more, think I've lost 2 pounds.. at least 1 (yay!).. despite being a bit underweight as is, LOL.

On a side note, lost about 13 pounds since going Gluten-free Casein-free, looking at myself.. and my tummy (GRRR GO AWAY DARN YOU!!).. where am I losing weight from?? BMI is only 20.1 though, so not underweight at least.

On another side note.. carving the sliced ham I bought yesterday, lol.. though been 5 hours since breakfast, hehe.

Anyway, back on point.. think it could be low blood sugar, or something else? Open to theories or ideas to explore! =)


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