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Blood Tests And Gluten Challenge

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Hi. I'm new to the forum, but not new to celiac disease. My daughter, now 46 was born with it. I was told I probably had it (by a physician) but never tested until this yr. First test I had been strictly gluten -free for 2 mos. IGA and IGG were negative. So was the endomesial antibody IGA.

So I did a gluten challenge for three weeks. Tested again. Everything negative but Endomesial antibody went up to just enter the positive range, exactly 1:5.

I'm thinking now I should be on gluten a longer time and test again, because the longer I am on a ciet containing gluten, the more digestive distress I am having.

1. Can anyone explain what the higher endomesial antibody test results might indicate? Should I pursue more testing after a longer gluten challenge?

2. What is an ARA test? Should I have had it or did I already under one of the other names?

3. The nurse read my report to me over the phone, at my request, and mentioned a term that included the words tissue transference (not sure I got it right, but the number she gave me on that was 13, whatever that may mean.

I will meet with my dr. and get these things clear, but frankly I don't think she knows that much about celiac disease or the tests.

I'd like to go armed with the right questions to ask! :)

Thanks for sharing iwhatever nformation you can. Elsie

p.s. I've suffered digestive problems all my life, sometimes called colitis and more recently irritable bowel or "food sensitivities." After being treated for non-hodgkins lymphoma two yrs. ago and learning the higher risk for that among Celiac patients I feel I need to get serious about a definite diagnosis to preserve my present health.


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Here's a great site for explaining all those acrnyms:

I hope you find an answer soon. It sounds like you would definitely benefit from a gluten-free lifestyle.

Hope this helps!



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Karen, thanks. I checked the site and obtained some useful information. Elsie


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I think I may be able to help.

I think the test (#3 on your list) is called Tissue transglutamase

Here is a link to a laboratory test information guide for this test:

If this was the test you had and you had a reading of 13 than I think it means you MAY have tested positive for celiac (I'm not a doctor!). It says on the website that a normal reading is less than 10 U/ml. But it also says "Tissue Transglutamase may give persistent mildly elevated results in the absence of disease". Definitely worth looking into! Of coarse check this info with your doctor.

Tissue transglutamase is the blood test that I had and I was told that this blood test is vey specific for celiac disease.


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Different labs use a different reference range. For the Tissue Transglutaminase test most labs say under 20 is negative, a few use under 10 as negative. It is the most specific bloodtest for Celiac.

ARA is Anti-Reticulin Antibody. It is as far as I can tell an outdated bloodtest that very few doctors or labs rely on anymore for Celiac testing. It is still included in some celiac panels though. On mine it said I was negative for the screening test for it, so the actual test was never performed.

The fact that your IgA endomysial antibody went up when you went back on gluten is an indication that gluten may be causing your symptoms, but if you want a definative diagnosis you would have to go back on gluten for anywhere from 3-6 months or more to get more accurate test results. Otherwise you could just continue on the gluten free diet and see if it helps. I went back on gluten for two months and it was not long enough to show my doctor the damage she wanted to see to give the diagnosis of Celiac. I opted for Enterolab testing to get my answers. I am very happy with their testing methods and it is certainly an option. You can check them out at

God bless,



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ARA can - as far as I've been able to discover - indicate either autoimmune kidney problems as well, but usually celiac. It's actually relatively specific (in theory), but not very sensitive. (Plenty of celiacs won't have it raised.) That, actually, was my only positive test. (I couldn't get any values on the rest, so I don't know if they were borderline.) When I combined that with a positive result when going on the diet - and doing a dietary challenge - I took that as my answer. It is an indirect test though, and definitely not too many doctors run it any more.


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      Update: I am about at my wit's end. I won't be able to see my new doctor until July 17 to get a referral to a GI doctor, so I continue to eat gluten and the effects continue to worsen. Today my boss, whom I have been working with for 12 years, and I had a meeting where he said he's noticed a change in many things, such as speech, not articulating well, forgetfulness, and other things that are affecting my work product. I finally told him I know there is something wrong with me medically and I've been trying to get to the doctor to no avail. I recall those four weeks early in the year when I tried out gluten free and was beginning to feel much better- more present, more sharp, and then went back on gluten in preparation for the blood test.  I just don't think I can do this gluten thing any longer and am thinking of going cold-turkey gluten free.  I'm 54 years old, am beginning not to care about a diagnosis because I just want to feel better and be able to do what I need to do. Because of how I felt going off of gluten earlier in the year, and eating gluten free when I was on the McDougall plan years ago, and how I feel while doing this gluten challenge, I am pretty convinced that my issue is gluten.  Any words of encouragement would be welcome.  If you've done gluten free and never looked back, tell me about it. 
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      "I got this vaccination in 2009 when I was 20 and it completely altered my life. Made my celiac disease so much worse, sleep 15-18 hours a day, SIBO, it has completely altered my life since getting this vaccination. My doctor has two twin girls about my age and they both have digestion problems after receiving gardasil Thank you I have a young daughter and have wondered this exact question posed by the poster and your response has given me great pause about this issue which may come up in years to come. I am sorry to hear this wreak havoc on your life, but simultaneously thank you for sharing this detail to help those of us that have likely been decades misdiagnosed celiacs now raising children. Thank you.
    • Gluten does WHAT to the brain?
      "Wondering what kind of life my brother could have had - if  he had celiac - constantly haunts me" My sympathies that is just tragic, as this story is.  I hope you are at peace knowing you are aware of your celiac and help so many lost, scared, and confused celiacs here. It can never bring back your brother but I hope it can give soften some of what you feel that was/is beyond your control. His suffering and your loss has made you a better advocate to yourself and in your work helping us. I don't like my body or my  brain on gluten either. I do fear that people overlook the toll inflammation takes on the brain. It likely may explain decades of mental illness that was brain based inflammation unknown until changes in technology advancement catch up. However consuming gluten to study how one enters psychosis may not be the best method. Do no harm.  
    • Gardasil
      I got this vaccination in 2009 when I was 20 and it completely altered my life. Made my celiac disease so much worse, sleep 15-18 hours a day, SIBO, it has completely altered my life since getting this vaccination. My doctor has two twin girls about my age and they both have digestion problems after receiving gardasil
    • Gardasil And Celiac
      I have this same issue! I got gardasil in 2009 and have never been the same since. Celiac disease, thyroid problems. I used to be healthy and active and since I got that shot I have never been the same.
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