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Good Experience At Jimmy Johns

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Before I write about my experience there, I should tell you that I had NO INTENTION of eating there in the beginning. I was merely accompanying a co-worker there.

Having said that...

Ok, so we go in and she orders her food. The fellow (manager) at the counter asks me if I want anything and before I can answer, my co-worker blurts out, "No, he's a freak and he's allergic to bread."

The manager looks at me and asks if it was true. I said "yes" and tried to move on from the unusually common but nevertheless awkward moment that occurs 10 times a day for the average celiac - LOL.

Anyway, he asks me if I would like to try their "un-wich". The "un-wich" is Jimmy John's no-bun sandwich (basically a sandwich with a lettuce wrap instead of bread).

I politely said "no" and went on to explain that my "allergy" was severe and I could not have crumbs and the risk of cross contamination was too great.

Suprisingly, he nodded his head and asked, "what if I can make it without any worry about crumbs?".

"How would you do that?", I asked...

He moved back, washed his hands, put on a new pair of plastic gloves and grabbed a clean cutting board from the cabinet and then told me he could make it at another station that was closed for the time being, but that was clean. (Jimmy Johns usuallly has 2-4 stations where they make food and open up all4 when they are busy or 2 during normal times).

After surveying the situation and asking about the manufacturer of the deli meats and the cutting process (which he assured me was only for meat and cheese and veggies), I said ok.

He put down the cutting board. On the board, he put several pieces of paper (to wrap the finished product - this also provides further protection). After that he put several pieces of lettuce. Then, he made a normal Jimmy John sandwich (meats, cheeses, veggies, vinegar, oil, tomatoes, banana peppers). I wasn't comfortable with the condomints since they put them on sandwiches with spatulas (like Wendy's - gross!) - so he left them off.

He wrapped it up and I took it home.

I just ate it with some Food For Life Toasted bread and some mayo and mustard. Pretty friggin good! no ill effects so far.

I think I will go back (huge sandwich - big enough for 2 gluten free sandwiches for only $5 + tip).

He mentioned that all employees should have been briefed on bread allergies and the use of separate cutting boards and gloves.

What a nice suprise today!


p.s. I had the Italian Sub "un-wich" with no mayo...


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Good for you Chris.

Would you consider giving up you profession and be my personal body guard? ;)

I got teary eyed today after asking endless questions about the grilling process (cc) and got totally frustrated. I forgot about the shared mayo on my bun less gross hamburger. :(




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I'm so glad you posted this! There is a Jimmy John's downtown where I work, and I never would have imagined that they had an "Unwich," and I wouldn't have dreamed of walking in the door!

Thank you!!!!


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No prob, I was just happy to have that type of a sandwich again - it was really good!

Make sure you ask them to change gloves and use a clean cutting board - that is a moral imperative to a clean and safe gluten-free "un-wich"!


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Did you check the ingredients of the meat? When I ate there when I lived in Auburn (2005), the roast beef (down there, at the time, who knows now) had wheat in it. I'd be interested if it still did.

I did successfully eat there a few times with meats that were safe, and had a similar experience as you was very nice!



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I did not check into the Roast Beef.

I only checked the Italian Sub meats (salami, cappicola, and another italian meat).

I will email the Co.



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I've never heard of Jimmy Johns, but I eat "sandwiches" this way all the time. I love it :)

Glad you did too!


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